Emerald Green Tutorial + Birthday Haul Video (including DSK!!)

Howdy y'all!

My 21st birthday is coming up on July 27, so be sure to mark your calenders! :) I created this Emerald Green tutorial because I was inspired by one of my old videos, wherein I used MAC's 6th Sin Metal-X Cream Shadow. I love the color 6th Sin gives, but the texture and application is a pain in my bootay. So I rummaged around in my cluttered makeup drawer & found a pigment sample I got from the MAC store a while back of Emerald Green pigment. It is a SEXY color! LOL So here is the tutorial I made for it, with a bunch of camera-whoring photos....

*MAC unless otherwise stated*

Strobe Lotion
Mineralized Loose Powder - Medium Dark
Studio Finish Concealer - NC35

Accentuate/Sculpt Powder - contour (168)
Prism Blush - apples (136)

Rubenesque Paint Pot - base (242)
Brule e/s - highlight (227)
Eyepopping e/s - slightly above crease (217)
Gel Mixing Medium
Emerald Green p/m - lid, mixed with gel (239)
Wondergrass e/s - crease to blend (222)
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline & tightline
Typographic e/s - lower lashline (231)
Rapidblack Penultimate Liner - upperlashes
Shiseido Mascara Base + Distinguish Mascara

Peachstock l/s

Here comes the cam-whoring!!!! ;)

Birthday Haul

Mike has been going above and beyond to make my 21st birthday an amazing one. He surprised me last week with a new laptop. He bought me an HP dv3-2150. Its super cute, only 13 inches but super fast. LOVE IT!

Then he surprised me a few days later with 2 MAC brush cleansers and a gift card to MAC. My lovely ladies at the MAC store at the Parks Mall in Arlington tried to help me pick out things, but he was smart to opt for the card, so I can pick it out myself :) Thanks my loves for trying though!!! Here is what I picked out:

Ever since I took my solar nails off a month ago, I have been obsessed with nail polish. I've only used Mercenary (bronze color) and I LOVE it! It is the same nail polish I have on in my haul video.

All these lipsticks are AMAZING! But Big Bow & A Rose Romance are my fave out of the bunch. I need to get another A Rose Romance... it is SO pretty. It looks great on my skin. You know how some pinks make your skin look tired? This doesn't at all... loves it!

I LOVE the Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation. My skin looks AMAZING with it on. I will even go so far as to say I love it more than my Armani foundation... and at nearly half the cost, that's saying something!

DSK Jewelry Haul!!!


LOL seriously her jewelry is amazing! Here's a few pictures of my recent purchases. And I just received a couple of her Lux Pearl bracelets. I still need to take pictures.. they are GAWWWGOUS!

She's so cute. She always sends her packages with candy... YUMMMMAY!



The proper way to serve your BOYFRIEND a jello shot. May I stress BOYFRIEND to all the ladies out there... or significant other. Not just a random person, k? :)

Being ridonk as always ;)

Juicy trying desperately to get out of the bath.

She thinks mean-muggin at me will save her from a bath... I think not.

Her mood changes so easily haha... now she's all sweet and wanting me to hold her. Silly.

Mike gave me a present early... what could it be?

Its a flyer for his work!!! OMGGGG!!!

He got me hanging folders! OMG exactly what I wanted!!!! LOL

My new laptop!

Hahaha I just love her facial expressions...

My messy puppy chewing on a chew bone.

At the going-away party for our Momma Lisa. Good luck in California!

My Dolls. I'm wearing MAC Hello Kitty's Big Bow lipstick... super pretty color!

My Grand Oaks Dolls. It was a superhero theme party but I guess only Courtney got the memo.. hehe

Mike and I after the Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox game. Mike is a huge Red Sox (Patriots & Celtics... the traitor) fan so when they got their asses whooped, he wasn't too happy LOL. He got tickets to a really nice suite through his connections at work... my little charmer :)

Taking a break from work, eating sherbert with my girl Tessa.

Anywho... I will get back to y'all soon :)

Loves y'all!



  1. stephie, you look beautiful! i love your grey top from the superhero party...where did you get it? thanks in advance! :)


  2. Wow what a haul! Love the emerald green look and your pics especially of Juicy :)

  3. I love all the pictures! So fun! Looks like you have a pretttty amazing life my love :) And Mike is so sweet- all the things he got you! Lucky girl. I loove the green eyeshadow look you inspire me to try color eyeshadows!!

  4. You got lots of things for your birthday! So jealous~
    The pictures are all very nice!

  5. hahaha i'm so amused that your eye look matches the walls.

    awww! so cute that your bf is making your bday all special :)

    you got a big baroque!! dang, i wanna get one too.. hahaa. love all of your buys! DSK is the best! :P

    your puppy's mad dawg face is SOOOO funny.. LOL!

  6. Hi,

    This is my first comment on your blog, although I've been reading it for a long time. I love all your pictures posts and beauty looks! So cute! I have to confess that I may even like hearing about your awesome and cute relationship with your boyfriend even better! lol You guys are so cute together!

  7. I love your posts and your blog!! Been a follower since ABB days and so glad that you decided to come back to blogging!

    Could you perhaps do an eyeliner tutorial? I love your eyeliner looks all the time and can never sort of replicate the same thing!

    :) You and mike look really sweet btw!

  8. juicy is so cute! and that's a pretty green look :) reminds me of a parakeet! parks mall still has brave new bronze?? eeek... I might have to go there and get the stupid 226 brush too! :) your boyfriend is sweet though!

  9. oops, forgot to say, happy birthday! :D

  10. woo 21!!! Don't forget to hit up the casino! ^_^ that's my favvvv place ever. haha I'm such a bad influence. sighh but you deserve to have a lil fun & drink on your birthday! :D

    I'm glad you like the jewelry. I adore the pearls & bows lots! And so do a lot of the ladies out there. I better go make something now..lol bye babe!

    DSK Steph

  11. Hi, I am so glad that you are posting again, I saw your videos and blogs a few years ago and you were the person that got me hooked to the whole make up thing. Btwn. I REALLY LOVE the emerald green tutorial! AND HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! ^_^

  12. your lashes are so long! and even your bottom ones. mine are like so stubbornly short on one side and okay on the other. :-(

  13. i cannot pull off bright colors but damnn girl it looks sooo good on you :) and happy belated birthday! woot!

  14. oops... *EARLY* im not late yet.. hAHA

  15. This looks so pretty! But I can't pull off greens like you, I end up looking crazy! haha :)

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