Smokey Brown Tutorial

Hello y'all!

I got an email today from a reader telling me in a very nice and constructive way that in my last post, my foundation was not the right color for me. I really appreciate her honesty and constructive criticism. I'm not a pro makeup artist. I am just a normal girl who has a passion for makeup. And I am still learning new things each day from different people on YouTube with the same passion. So I wanted to let y'all all know, if you ever have any tips or constructive criticism to tell me, please feel free to! I really am open to it. But *constructive* is the key word :) I'm really glad someone told me the GA foundation doesn't suit my skintone because I still have the receipt & box. I had just thrown it away today & when I saw the email I snatched it up. I had the same idea that the foundation didn't look completely spot on, but thought it was just my over-analyzing mind :) So I still have time to return it and find foundation that is perfecto on me. So thank you Maye :)

Anywhoodles, back to business.

I made a new tutorial over the weekend. You may notice that there are ads shown in my video... that's because I am a Youtube Partner now :) Yay! I've been meaning to join it for a while.... Back in 2007 I got an email about it, but that was when I was on a video-hiatus. So now 2 years later I finally applied. Woot! I'm really excited because I love making videos and being there for my friends and viewers. So yeah, thank y'all :)

Before I show my tutorial, I just wanted to give my lovely blog girlies a heads up. I will be doing a giveaway pretty soon in celebration of my 21st birthday which is 15 days away. So be sure to check back in a couple of days for the details :) Its gonna be a giveaway, not a contest just yet. I mean, turning 21 is a gift in itself, so I plan to spread the joy :)

Okie dokie, here is my tutorial:

*All items are MAC unless otherwise stated*

Mineralized Loose Powder - Medium Dark
Studio Finish Concealer - NC 35

Emote Blush - contour (168 brush)
Hipness Blush (Fafi Collection) - apples (136 brush)
Gold Spill MSF - highlight (138 brush)

Smashbox Lid Primer - lid & lower lashline base
Ladyship p/m (pigment) - highlight (227 brush) & inner lower lashline (219 brush)
Rich Flesh e/s - crease (217 brush)
All That Glitters e/s - inner lid (239 brush)
Tempting e/s - outer lid (239 brush) & outer lower lashline (219 brush)
Rapidblack Penultimate Liner - upper lashes
Technakohl Liner - tightline & waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base + Lasting Lift Mascara
Ardell Falsies #33
Brow Shader

Honey Moon l/s


  1. Very pretty! I feel like pulling out that Fafi blush tmw now. lol

  2. congrats girl on youtube partner! can't think of anyone else who deserves it more =)

  3. woohoo, youtube partner! how fun :)

    i love this look on you! very bronzy, summery.. fun!

  4. gosh.. you are a gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS girl!! you are truly amazing and have a skill at makeup. i ALWAYS love your looks!! and this foundation looks a lot better :) brings out your true tan!

    Could you please do your favorite MAC brushes in your next post.. like just talk about which ones you like the best? im trying to build my collection so I'd love to know which are your faves! thanks SO much<33

  5. Your foundation didn't look like it was too light, it was just washed out from the flash. It was Armani's UV foundation right? It's the physical sunscreen in it that's causing you to look paler (you'll only look like that with flash photography). Try taking a pic of yourself directly in the sunlight without flash.. I bet it's your perfect shade =)

  6. GORGEOUS! i love the look girl.
    great for night out =)
    thanks for the tutorial...

  7. thanks a lot ladies :)

    courtney: i sure will :) thanks for the request, i need some ideas lol

    lana: yes its the uv foundation. i used it again today because i love GA foundation so much, hoping it would look better. i asked my co-worker who said it looked fine. it may be just the sunscreen as you say, so i am going to try taking pics in natural lighting. thanks for the tip :)

  8. Camille from France !July 13, 2009 at 10:13 AM

    I love your hairstyle !

  9. Pretty! Emote is my favorite contour blush too! ^_~

    Great tutorial Stephie <3

    Love you!


  10. BABY YOUR BACK!!!!

    i have been watching your new vids on youtube...i have to say you were one of the 1st ladies i started to watch...i just loved your southern accent...you inspired me to get on the bandwagon wiuth blogging...so i am uber happy to see you back on...but damn girl how much did you party!!! thank you jesus that you did...i am glad after your break up you decided to have some "steph" time and sow your wild oats...alot of chicks jump back into one...and dont whore it up!!!..lol...but look now your in love!!! and back to making more vids and updating the blogga...


  11. gorgeous! i love all your looks :D

  12. i love this look!..and you look so pretty with dark hair!

  13. Hi stephie!

    Your eyes are absolutely gorgeous and I loved how you did the smokey brown eyes! I just started getting hooked on youtube tutorials and I found your blog and I am soo inspired to go play around with my makeup now!

    Anyways, I'm new to this whole blogging thing but I noticed that you're an accounting major! I am too but all the way up north in toronto! =) good luck with everything!



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