Summery Copper Tutorial

Howdy y'all!

Thank you for all the birthday greetings! I am so lucky to have great friends like y'all :) My birthday was great. Well, except the fact that I was ridiculously sick the next day.... that really sucked. But I learned my lesson.

I'll post pictures up later from my birthday. I made a tutorial a few days ago. A simple summery, copper look. I hope y'all like!

Here is what I used:
*All MAC unless otherwise stated*

Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation - NC42
Invisible Set Powder

Hipness Blush (Fafi Collection) - apples (136 brush)
Fun & Games Beauty Powder Blush (Hello Kitty) - highlight (136 brush)

Browning Brow Shader
Rubenesque Paint Pot
Lumiere Mint Chocolate Chip e/s - crease (217 brush)
Mythology e/s - lid (239 brush)
Claire de Lune e/s (Moonbathe) - highlight (227 brush)
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashes (Shiseido brush)
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline & tightline
Showstopper e/s - smudged lower lashline (231 brush)
Shiseido Mascara Base + Lasting Lift Mascara

Brave New Bronze l/s
Bare Necessity Dazzleglass

I'll be seeing y'all soon. Loves y'all!



Emerald Green Tutorial + Birthday Haul Video (including DSK!!)

Howdy y'all!

My 21st birthday is coming up on July 27, so be sure to mark your calenders! :) I created this Emerald Green tutorial because I was inspired by one of my old videos, wherein I used MAC's 6th Sin Metal-X Cream Shadow. I love the color 6th Sin gives, but the texture and application is a pain in my bootay. So I rummaged around in my cluttered makeup drawer & found a pigment sample I got from the MAC store a while back of Emerald Green pigment. It is a SEXY color! LOL So here is the tutorial I made for it, with a bunch of camera-whoring photos....

*MAC unless otherwise stated*

Strobe Lotion
Mineralized Loose Powder - Medium Dark
Studio Finish Concealer - NC35

Accentuate/Sculpt Powder - contour (168)
Prism Blush - apples (136)

Rubenesque Paint Pot - base (242)
Brule e/s - highlight (227)
Eyepopping e/s - slightly above crease (217)
Gel Mixing Medium
Emerald Green p/m - lid, mixed with gel (239)
Wondergrass e/s - crease to blend (222)
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline & tightline
Typographic e/s - lower lashline (231)
Rapidblack Penultimate Liner - upperlashes
Shiseido Mascara Base + Distinguish Mascara

Peachstock l/s

Here comes the cam-whoring!!!! ;)

Birthday Haul

Mike has been going above and beyond to make my 21st birthday an amazing one. He surprised me last week with a new laptop. He bought me an HP dv3-2150. Its super cute, only 13 inches but super fast. LOVE IT!

Then he surprised me a few days later with 2 MAC brush cleansers and a gift card to MAC. My lovely ladies at the MAC store at the Parks Mall in Arlington tried to help me pick out things, but he was smart to opt for the card, so I can pick it out myself :) Thanks my loves for trying though!!! Here is what I picked out:

Ever since I took my solar nails off a month ago, I have been obsessed with nail polish. I've only used Mercenary (bronze color) and I LOVE it! It is the same nail polish I have on in my haul video.

All these lipsticks are AMAZING! But Big Bow & A Rose Romance are my fave out of the bunch. I need to get another A Rose Romance... it is SO pretty. It looks great on my skin. You know how some pinks make your skin look tired? This doesn't at all... loves it!

I LOVE the Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation. My skin looks AMAZING with it on. I will even go so far as to say I love it more than my Armani foundation... and at nearly half the cost, that's saying something!

DSK Jewelry Haul!!!


LOL seriously her jewelry is amazing! Here's a few pictures of my recent purchases. And I just received a couple of her Lux Pearl bracelets. I still need to take pictures.. they are GAWWWGOUS!

She's so cute. She always sends her packages with candy... YUMMMMAY!



The proper way to serve your BOYFRIEND a jello shot. May I stress BOYFRIEND to all the ladies out there... or significant other. Not just a random person, k? :)

Being ridonk as always ;)

Juicy trying desperately to get out of the bath.

She thinks mean-muggin at me will save her from a bath... I think not.

Her mood changes so easily haha... now she's all sweet and wanting me to hold her. Silly.

Mike gave me a present early... what could it be?

Its a flyer for his work!!! OMGGGG!!!

He got me hanging folders! OMG exactly what I wanted!!!! LOL

My new laptop!

Hahaha I just love her facial expressions...

My messy puppy chewing on a chew bone.

At the going-away party for our Momma Lisa. Good luck in California!

My Dolls. I'm wearing MAC Hello Kitty's Big Bow lipstick... super pretty color!

My Grand Oaks Dolls. It was a superhero theme party but I guess only Courtney got the memo.. hehe

Mike and I after the Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox game. Mike is a huge Red Sox (Patriots & Celtics... the traitor) fan so when they got their asses whooped, he wasn't too happy LOL. He got tickets to a really nice suite through his connections at work... my little charmer :)

Taking a break from work, eating sherbert with my girl Tessa.

Anywho... I will get back to y'all soon :)

Loves y'all!



Fave MAC Brushes + A Quick Tag

Howdy my fine ladies!

Just wanted to drop a quick entry. I made a video yesterday because someone requested I show my fave MAC brushes. I didn't realize the video was fifteen minutes long!!! Whooops... haha

So to summarize the video my fave MAC brushes are:
Powder foundation (i.e. Mineralized foundations) - 183 kabuki brush

Liquid foundation - 187 [I do have a 190SE but I prefer the 187]

Contour - 168 [I have the 109 as well, light colored bristles > dark colored bristles. My light ones are softer for some reason]

Blush - 136 HANDS DOWN! I noticed they don't offer them on the MAC website anymore :(

Cream Blush - 189 [the 188 is pretty good too, I just prefer flat-sided brushes more]

Eyeshadow - 239

Crease - 217

Highlight - 227

Smudge - 219

Eyeliner - 209

I think I covered them all. Here's the video [if you feel like listening to me babble.. I can be random haha]:

Random Tag

I was looking back at my old entries and noticed that back in my MIA days, Bryani and Kerry tagged me in posts. Pretty much they are random facts, one is 6 and the other 16. I will see how many I can come up with LOL... since I haven't done a random facts thing in a while. They tagged me back in October 2008 so I am WAYYYY behind. If any of y'all wanna join in, TAG! You're it! Hehe... so here I go.

1. I fake bake. Yes I know the dangers of skin cancer & wrinkles. But its my guilty pleasure (among others... haha). My fave tanning lotion is Swedish Beauty's Priceless. But it is PricEY. Pink suggested I use Maui Babe, so I will prolly give it a try [thanks sugarplum ;)]

2. I have never really been a fan of jewelry. In the past, I always would get annoyed if I felt my bracelet hitting the desk when I'm writing or my earring pressed up against my cell phone. But thanks to some very talented people *cough*DSK Steph*hack* I've been converted! I love Steph's jewelry & am obsessed with Juicy Couture's earrings.

3. Another guilty pleasure of mine is Juicy Couture. I love the brand. Their style is so femme and cute... loves it!

4. I love Mike! Had to throw that in :) He is my soulmate & we are going to have gorgeous babies :)

5. I'm a big fan of quotes. One of my fave quotes ever is the definition of a soulmate. I do believe in soulmates btw.

"A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we’re safe in our own paradise. Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we’re two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we’ve found the right person. Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life." - Richard Bach

6. I'm also a big fan of corny jokes and pick up lines. Newest one and currently my fave is:

Do you have a bandaid? Because I skinned my knees falling for you...


7. I am amused easily.

8. My favorite insult for guys is douche bag. I didn't know what it meant for the longest time. Now my fave haha

9. Y'all know I'm a fan of hairy lumberjacks. Well I am not a fan of hair on me. So as my last random fact, I will let y'all know on my #1 vanity besides makeup....

I get a Brazilian wax each month. I love getting waxed. I feel cleaner & sexier when I'm hairless. I've been getting waxed for the last year and a half I think. I really love the results. Also, your hair grows in slower and less thick. & I have way less bumps & ingrown hairs. Yes it hurts, but ladies, we do lots of crazy things for beauty & vanity :)

If anyone is ever in the Dallas area, my waxing lady is the BEST. She gets you done in literally 5 minutes, so you don't have to endure the pain for too long.

Anywhoodles, I'm not ashamed to admit it anymore. I love me a Brazilian wax!!!! :)

So yeah, you ladies tell some crazy facts too!

Talk to y'all soon :)

Loves y'all!



Smokey Brown Tutorial

Hello y'all!

I got an email today from a reader telling me in a very nice and constructive way that in my last post, my foundation was not the right color for me. I really appreciate her honesty and constructive criticism. I'm not a pro makeup artist. I am just a normal girl who has a passion for makeup. And I am still learning new things each day from different people on YouTube with the same passion. So I wanted to let y'all all know, if you ever have any tips or constructive criticism to tell me, please feel free to! I really am open to it. But *constructive* is the key word :) I'm really glad someone told me the GA foundation doesn't suit my skintone because I still have the receipt & box. I had just thrown it away today & when I saw the email I snatched it up. I had the same idea that the foundation didn't look completely spot on, but thought it was just my over-analyzing mind :) So I still have time to return it and find foundation that is perfecto on me. So thank you Maye :)

Anywhoodles, back to business.

I made a new tutorial over the weekend. You may notice that there are ads shown in my video... that's because I am a Youtube Partner now :) Yay! I've been meaning to join it for a while.... Back in 2007 I got an email about it, but that was when I was on a video-hiatus. So now 2 years later I finally applied. Woot! I'm really excited because I love making videos and being there for my friends and viewers. So yeah, thank y'all :)

Before I show my tutorial, I just wanted to give my lovely blog girlies a heads up. I will be doing a giveaway pretty soon in celebration of my 21st birthday which is 15 days away. So be sure to check back in a couple of days for the details :) Its gonna be a giveaway, not a contest just yet. I mean, turning 21 is a gift in itself, so I plan to spread the joy :)

Okie dokie, here is my tutorial:

*All items are MAC unless otherwise stated*

Mineralized Loose Powder - Medium Dark
Studio Finish Concealer - NC 35

Emote Blush - contour (168 brush)
Hipness Blush (Fafi Collection) - apples (136 brush)
Gold Spill MSF - highlight (138 brush)

Smashbox Lid Primer - lid & lower lashline base
Ladyship p/m (pigment) - highlight (227 brush) & inner lower lashline (219 brush)
Rich Flesh e/s - crease (217 brush)
All That Glitters e/s - inner lid (239 brush)
Tempting e/s - outer lid (239 brush) & outer lower lashline (219 brush)
Rapidblack Penultimate Liner - upper lashes
Technakohl Liner - tightline & waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base + Lasting Lift Mascara
Ardell Falsies #33
Brow Shader

Honey Moon l/s