Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rebecca Minkoff MAC (Morning After Clutch) Sale!!

Hey y'all!

Just wanted to quickly share a sale that's going on at Rebecca Minkoff's website! I've been eyeing her MAC bags after seeing them on another blogger, Keiko Lynn. I've had the sale page open and keep refreshing it because she's adding more and more colors of MAC clutches (as well as other bags) all the time. So you have to be quick otherwise the color you want will sell out. I ordered mine in Bone. They're originally priced at $295 and are on sale for $182 with free shipping! So if you've been wanting one, I'd highly recommend checking out the sale.

(pictures are from

I can't wait until it arrives so I can share a review on it :)

 photo WithLove01_zpsqmel9jfj.png


  1. I love it! It's so pretty. The color is definitely great for summer.

  2. Beautiful bag!

  3. The one you chose is beautiful and it's not available on the site anymore! @_@ The sale price is so tempting....... but I really shouldn't be spending money at the moment! Please do a review on it when you get it!!!!! :D

  4. soo pretty!
    wow u are so determined to get the bag!

  5. i love Rebecca Minkoff bags! I have a MAB and the leather quality is just so nice. I love this clutch!

  6. it's a beauty. i wish i saw this sooner

  7. OMG
    i laaavee ur blog! :D
    ^i sorta have an obsession with clothing haul like stuff
    + im new to blogspot so check out my blog!
    im attempting clothing hauls

  8. the bone color is pretty! goes with about any outfit.

  9. Thank y'all! I will definitely be doing a review on it once I get it!


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