Resolution Fail: Collective Haul + Blog Updates!

It's official. I am 100% off my no spend busy season. In my defense, my busy season started to die down earlier this month.... but really, I couldn't pass up some of great deals. I have been really good at not buying random things, without thought.... so that's a plus... right?

Side note, have you noticed any changes with my blog? *hint hint* Header, post title, signature & sizing of pics.... Ok those aren't hints, I gave away the whole shabang. I am seriously excited about some of the design changes I've made to my blog. It was high time I did it! I recently have learned a couple CSS tricks from this blogger that have revamped my blog. I am by no means a code or programmer expert. I would definitely recommend checking out I Can Build A Blog for any other bloggers out there who want to up their game from just the regular Blogger template. I just wanted to share this wonderful site, sharing is caring! Let me know what you think of the changes I've made... I plan to do more but it's a work in progress (debit WIP, credit free time).

I filmed this haul last weekend & found that the Studio Fix Powder did end up breaking me out. I knew that one of the Studio Fix foundations broke me out back in the day and low and behold, I got these cystic pimples. It gave me a lovely finish & even coverage but I can do without the zits, thanks. Back to MAC you go.... I'm still on the search for a high coverage powder foundation. I'm going to give the Tarte Amazonian Powder foundation a try. At least you can see the coverage it gives in these pictures, I need to figure out what ingredient my face dislikes.

Products Mentioned:

I completely forgot to include a few things. I bought a couple of items from Lush which I will probably write a post about. But the most important thing I forgot to include was this cute mug Mike got me for Valentine's Day. It's HUGE.



  1. Love your haul! I'm a big fan of the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, I hope you will like it too. I am so excited about that new brush, can't wait until its available here in the UK xx

    1. I liked the finish but it unfortunately broke me out :( I remembered from years ago that one of the Studio Fix foundations used to irritate my skin & now I know which one. I wish it didn't, I really need to find a powder foundation!

  2. Omg looooove the changes on your blog! Kudos for being able to update it by yourself. I attempted to make my blog look nicer (it was a part of my resolutions) but was getting sooo frustrated. Thanks for the site recommendations, I will definitely check them out!

    1. Thank you Tao!! It was definitely a little challenging but I found that blog really helpful. If you run into any problems, I can definitely let you know how I did it! :)


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