That's A Wrap

Hi y'all! Busy season is over which means I have my life back!! Dramatic much.... but my fellow public accountants understand my pain. It is always hard to get back into a routine after busy season. For 4 1/2 months I'm 99% focused on work, eat take out for most meals and work most weekends. When work starts to slow down, I have this weird feeling of discontentment because I feel like I should be "doing" something. It is the weirdest thing and I'm working through it. I have to remind myself that work is not my entire life. I have to remind myself to find balance, to enjoy my hobbies, to eat healthy(ish) food, to enjoy the moment, to be present and to remember why I even do what I do in the first place. It's the strangest feeling but yo girl is getting past it. This weekend I got to reconnect with the hubby, have meaningful conversations and watch movies. We went to the new Mitsuwa in Dallas and hubby was so excited with all the sashimi he's about to eat. Gotta enjoy the small things in life :)

Now onto the outfit... this blouse is one of my favorites. You can wear it tucked into skirts or over ponte leggings with it's tulip hem (great for covering the CT). I fell in love with the wrap scallop details of my skirt but I find it very inconvenient. I felt like I was going to give everyone quite the show if I didn't keep checking the skirt flaps. These mules were one of my staple pieces in my fall/winter wardrobe. I love how versatile they are - wearing them with a skirt makes it an easy transition into spring. They come in butterscotch too - on my wish list!

What I'm Wearing:


Flippy Skirts in Spring

Hello hello! Goodness this busy season has been SO hectic (hence the wrinkly shirt) but perfection is overrated so I'm still sharing! At least my public client has filed but I have a couple more clients to get wrapped up. If you've been following along my busy season journey on the YouTube, you probably saw how it went (kinda crappy) but there is always a lesson to be learned, a struggle to overcome and a situation to make you an even better person that you were. Thankful for the struggles because they reminded me of my strength. Anyways....

Before it actually turns to warm spring/summer weather, we get stuck with the cool transitional period. I look for pieces that I know I can use for several seasons. I love this flippy skirt and mules combo. To make it more weather approp (for everywhere OTHER than Texas), I threw on some tights for extra warmth.

What I'm Wearing:


Olive Cape Blazer

Hi y’all! ASOS has been killing my bank account recently and it doesn’t help that if you spend $140, you get free 2 day shipping… just take my money!!! I love finding new pieces for my wardrobe that are somewhat unique (I have yet to bump into anyone IRL that has the same piece from ASOS) and at a great price point.

I have been loving capes the past few years and when I saw this blazer, I knew I had to have it. I have been gravitating towards longer lengths in my outerwear. Something about the longer lengths make me feel part princess, part superhero and part vampire. Weirdest combo ever I know but it’s so satisfying whipping my cape around.

I shared these mules in gray leopard but of course, since I love the style I had to get it in more than one color. Surprisingly, they are very comfortable and are super affordable.

What I'm Wearing:


Luminous Dewy Makeup for Work

Hi y'all! If you've been watching any of my vlogs, you know I have been rocking a luminous face for quite a while. I wanted to look like either a) I got enough sleep the night before or b) I'm glowing from within. I know there are so many awesome highlighting and luminous makeup tutorials out there. Mine is a bit more on the subtle side and makes it work appropriate (always my goal). Here's how I do my luminous face routine for work:


Highlights of 2016

Hi y'all! I'm a few days away from getting back to the work grind and wanted to reflect on the past year. I'm about to get super real with y'all...

The past couple of years [2015 & 2016] I've shared my goals & aspirations for the coming year. I felt so pumped and inspired to reach a bunch of lofty goals but fell a bit short on each. This New Year, I didn't feel inspired to share a ton of resolutions and goals. I didn't have any specific ones in mind and it's probably because 2016 was a rough year. I have heard SO many people share the same sentiment and I hate to add to it but seriously. 2016... You. Sucked. Balls.