New Years Eve 2009

Happy New Years Eve Y’all!
I haven’t been able to make a New Years Eve tutorial. After the 4 day weekend, I have been bombarded at work, so I’m exhausted afterwards. I will make a whole post about Christmas and New Years so I can share my experience with y’all :) But that is later…

With the New Year literally right around the corner, I wanted us to reflect on a simple thought. Class. I found this quote on the Internet (I forgot where, but I didn’t come up with it… props to whoever wrote it!) that sums up what I think of a classy person:

“Being classy is not about being stuck up; it is about having style and taking care to be polite to others and to reflect a genuine interest in them. It is also about being confident in yourself.”

I know we all can get caught up in our own lives, our own problems and woes. I know I have! If we all just care a little bit more for those around us, the world would be a much better place.

Let’s stop being catty or hating on this or that person. Let’s start being happy for those who are happy and start attaining our own happiness!

This year has been a year of good and bad experiences and lessons learned. That really is the only way to grow as a person and I am thankful for each of them! And I am thankful for my wonderful man, family and friends. And of course, I am so thankful for the wonderful people and friends I have "met" through blogging and beauty. Y'all are beautiful people inside and out!!!

So here is to another year together :) Happy New Years to y'all! Talk to y'all next year ;)

Much Love,


Merry Christmas Y'all!

Merry Christmas y'all <3 br="">Since I'm from Texas, it's only appropriate that I greet y'all with this....

Hehe... so it snowed on Christmas Eve!!! I haven't seen snow in Texas for at LEAST 2 years (if not more). On Wednesday, it was around 70 degrees... then all of a sudden it started to snow the next day! Truly a Christmas miracle :)

I was inspired by the gorgeous weather to do a tutorial. I felt like a doll in a snowstorm, so that's what I called it :)

What I used:
*MAC unless stated otherwise*

Emote Blush (matte brown) - contour (168 brush)
Dollymix Blush (bright pink) - cheeks (136 brush)
Sunsparked Pearl Beauty Powder - highlight (136 brush)

Pandora's Eyeshadow Primer - base for lid
Beiging Shadestick - base for lower lashline
Next to Nothing e/s (creamy white) - highlight (227 brush)
Smoke and Diamonds e/s (shimmery gray) - crease (217 brush) & smudged on lower lashline (Pandora's Small Crease Brush)
Gesso e/s (white) - lid (239 brush)
Reflects Transparent Teal (teal glitter) - lid (Pandora's Shading Brush)
Nightfish Fluidline (black gel liner) - upper & lower lashline (Afterglow Cosmetics Angled Brush)
Long Voluminous False Lashes from Ebay
Shiseido Distinguish Mascara

Dervish Lip Liner (pink)
3N Lipstick (creamy pink)
Steppin Out Dazzleglass (shimmery pink)

I went a little snap happy, I know ;)

Hope y'all liked!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays my lovelies!!!

FTC Disclaimer: The products from Pandora's Makeup Box and Afterglow Cosmetics were sponsored by the companies. I give my honest opinion about these products and am using them only because they are products that I like. I would not use any products that I did not like. I do not get paid to make any of these videos for any of the companies. All other items I purchased with my own money.


MAC Face Chart Inspired: Love Lace Makeup Tutorial

Merry Christmas Eve y'all!

I created this look last night after being inspired by the following face chart:

I was looking over the new collections to see if there was anything I absolutely NEEDED or desperately wanted.... but I didn't feel the need to buy anything. However, the face charts are always fun to look at and the Feline face chart inspired me to recreate the look using items I already have. Sooooo here we go :)

*MAC unless otherwise stated*

Temptu Airbrush Foundation
Temptu Retouch Powder
Porcelaine/ Browning Brow Shader - brows (Smashbox Angled brush)
Global Glow MSF - contour (188 brush)

Pandora's Eyeshadow Primer
Blackground Paint Pot - base for lid (242 brush) & lower lashline (219 brush)
Cloudbound e/s (shimmery cream) - highlight (227 brush) & inner 1/2 of lower lashline (Pandora's Small Contour Brush)
Carbon e/s (matte black) - outer v to inner lid & outer 1/2 of lower lashline (Pandora's Large Contour brush)
Waft e/s (silver blue) - in between highlight and Carbon (217 brush)
Pandora's Aquamarine e/s (shimmery blue) - lid (239 brush)
Rapidblack Penultimate Liner - upper lashes
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner - waterline
Long Voluminous False Lashes from Ebay

Studio Finish Concealer - neutralize natural lip color
Whirl Lip Liner - dirty rose
Brave New Bronze Lipstick - bronze creamy mid-tone pink
Bare Necessity Dazzleglass

Soooo what do y'all think?

Happy holidays to y'all, my dears!

(If you want to look at a few more face charts yourself, press HERE)

FTC Disclaimer: The Temptu Airbrush Makeup and System was sent to me by the company. Also, the Pandora's Makeup Box primer and shadow that I used were sent to me by the owner. I only show products that I like and would actually use in my videos. I am using them because my honest opinion about them are good.


A Rose Romance Makeup Tutorial

Happy Holidays y'all!

I got a lot of requests about my A Rose Romance FOTD. I decided to recreate the look in a tutorial :) I hope y'all like!

What I Used:
*MAC unless stated otherwise*

Temptu Foundation - 007 Natural
Temptu Retouch Powder - Translucent
Brow Shader - (Smashbox Angled Brush)
Emote Blush - contour (168 brush)
Fashion Frenzy Blush - bright pink blush (136 brush)
Sunsparked Pearl Beauty Powder - highlight (138 brush)

Rubenesque Paint Pot - base all over lid
Brule e/s - highlight (227 brush)
All That Glitters e/s (neutral shimmery brown) - lid color & inner 1/2 of lid (213 brush)
Smoking e/s (dark chocolate) - outer 1/2 of lower lashline (219 brush)
Blacktrack Fluidline - upper lashes and waterline (209 brush)
Shiseido Mascara Base & Distinguish Mascara
Thick Long False Lashes from Ebay

Dervish Lip Liner (pink liner)
A Rose Romance l/s (gawwwwgous pink)

I hope y'all like :) I will update my FOTD blog once I figure out the rest of the items I used hehe...

Love y'all! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to y'all and your families!!!

<3 br="" stephie="">
FTC Disclaimer:
The Temptu Airbrush System and Temptu makeup products were sent to me from the company to review. I love this product which is why I use it often. Everything else was purchased with my own money.



Hey y'all!

I realized I never posted my questions video on here! Aghh! Well I closed any question taking on YT, but if y'all have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be sure to answer it. I will probably film my FAQ in the next 2 days so please get your questions in! Otherwise, I will just answer them individually :)

I've accumulated quite a few FOTDs over the past couple months that I just forgot to post up. I don't remember off the top of my head what I used for them but if there is one you really like, I will do my best to figure out what I used :) Just lemme know!

*Please excuse my brows in a few of these FOTDs.... I got lazy sometimes or was just too busy and didn't care... pooo. The woes of being a college student.*

Vampirey FOTD

Pink Eye (The Good Kind)

Subtle Green

Miss Scandalous - GoGo Dancer FOTD (For Halloween)

These were taken at the end of the night, but the pink glitter on my bottom lashes stayed the whole night! Woot!

Pandamonium Quad FOTD

I quickly put on my makeup at work... I know *tsk tsk* but it did turn out okay.

Cystic Purple

Weird name, I know. But you can totally see the gross, cyst-like pimple I had on my nose. I got it from using a product that a company sent me to review. Needless to say, I will not be recommending it. I will tell y'all more about the product in my skincare routine. Not to recommend it, but just to share my experience (bad).

Nice & Natural

A Haunting Haux FOTD

I know I used:
MAC Hauting e/s - all over lid
MAC Haux e/s - crease

A Rose Romance FOTD

Wearing my fave lipstick! For a church holiday party.

Nails & Outfit

The nail polish I wore in my Ice Blue makeup tutorial is from Sally's. Its called "Be A Pal-ette" by Finger Paints.

I've been wearing this deep blue nail polish for about a week. I really love it and the texture is awesome. Its "In Your Hands" from Nicole by OPI. I bought mine at TJ Maxx.

And just wanted to share an outfit... because I do wear normal clothes besides dresses... Cardigan from Target, v-neck tank from Express, jeans from Banana Republic, boots from Nordies... don't remember the brand.

Hope y'all enjoyed! I'll be doing my FAQ video in the next few days. So gimme those questions :)