Geo Tri Color Lenses + Missha BB Cream Review

Hey y'all!

This post is long overdue. Pinky Paradise sent me some Geo Tri Color lenses to try out and I am LOVING them. Also, I had a bunch of questions on my last tutorial about the Missha BB Cream I used, so I will go over that as well :)

Geo Tri Color Lenses

Pinky Paradise sent me some more contact lenses to try out. I really wanted to try out the Geo Tri Color Lenses because I'm not a huge fan of circle lenses. Even though they look pretty nice and give a dolly eye look, they are uncomfortable to wear for more than maybe 5 hours (for me anyways, some people can wear them the whole day).

I wanted to see if maybe using a smaller lens would help and it does! I LOVE Geo Tri Color Lenses now. They are super comfortable. They don't give as much of a wide-eyed dolly effect but they do have an obvious color.

These are the Geo Tri Colors that I've used so far. I have another pair, Geo Tri Color Violet, that I haven't worn yet. So I won't include that one in this post.

Geo Tri Color Green:

So far, these are my favorite. I really like the obvious color it gives my eyes.

Authentication label on the Geo lens.

I bought these lashes on Ebay. I got 6 pairs for $15 which includes shipping. The seller's name is Superstar Hair and Beauty Supply.

Geo Tri Color Brown:

Geo Tri Color Blue:

Eyeko sent me their purple Graffiti Eyeliner Pen which I am using in this FOTD. This liner pen is AWESOME! I need to buy the other colors... AWESOME lasting powder, fabulous color, and super easy to apply.

Missha BB Cream #31

I heard about this BB cream from Pam. I always heard about bloggers using bb creams, but I didn't think I could ever wear it because I'm tanner than the average Asian lady (because I tan... lol). I was super stoked to hear about this "tan" bb cream from Missha. I bought this on Ebay from seller: newdoctorskin. I believe I bought it for $19.99 with free shipping. He ships from the US so it arrived in 3-4 days. I wear an NC 40-42 in MAC and it seems to work well with me.

As you can see... I wore this shirt a few times in the past few weeks... LAKERS BABY!!! Hehe...

I'm wearing the purple Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen again with my regualr mascara and liner. The bb cream feels really light and smells yummy, like baby powder :)

For comparison sake, I'm wearing MAC Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation in NC42. It's a bit dark on me but it evens out once I set it with powder. This is my normal face of the day. Easy as pie :)

MAC Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation - NC37
MAC Invisible Set Powder
MAC Springshine Blush Ombre

Revlon Colorstay Liner - upper lashes
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline - waterline/ tightline
MAC Smoking e/s - dark brown on outer lower lashline
Any highlight color - inner tearduct
Shiseido Mascara Base
Lancome Virtuose Black Karat Mascara
MAC Brow Shader

I totally forgot that DSK Steph sent me a pair of Shisem lashes a long time ago... Thanks again Steph <3 :="" anywhere="" are="" area="" as="" awesome="" br="" can="" cherry="" couple="" ebay="" find="" from="" have="" i="" in="" lasehs="" love="" m="" my="" next="" photos.="" red="" sad="" settle="" so="" t="" that="" the="" them="" they="" to="" wearing="" well.="" which="" with="">

I hope this post was helpful :) I'll do a video review of everything soon. I forgot my camera at the office over the weekend :(

Talk to y'all soon :)


P.S. Eyeko and Pinky Paradise sent me the items stated for review. These are my honest opinions & I only show y'all products I use. I am not being paid to review these items. Speaking the truth :)


My "Summer Proof" Makeup

Hey y'all!

This tutorial covers my summer makeup. As the weather changes, we have to adapt what we wear to accommodate the change. It's super hot in Texas so I have to use products that are long-wearing and light. I've been wearing this makeup for about 2-3 weeks & have been very pleased with the long-wearing result. Of course it's not perfect but it lasts a lot longer throughout the day than other looks I've done that last well in fair weather (not blistering heat, like 100 degrees aghhhh!). I hope y'all enjoy the tutorial & hope it's helpful!


MAC Matte
Missha BB Cream #31
MAC MSF in Medium Plus
MAC Prism blush - 136 brush

Sedona Lace 120 Palette
- dark brown: outer 1/2 of lid w/213 brush
- medium brown: inner 1/2 of lid w/213 brush
- shimmery cream: inner tear duct w/219 brush
MAC Brule e/s - highlight w/239 brush
MAC Smoking e/s - outer half of lower lashline w/219 brush
Revlon Colorstay liquid liner - upper lashes
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline - waterline & tightline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Lancome Virtuose Black Carat Mascara
Geo Tri Color Blue lenses from Pinky Paradise

MAC A Rose Romance l/s

The Sedona Lace Palette & Geo Lens were sent to me by their respective company to try out and review. I am not being paid to promote these products. These are my honest opinions :)


Sedona Lace Palette FOTDs + US Based Circle Lens!

Hi y'all!

Can it be December already so I can graduate?!?!?! It has been a whole year since I've had a break from school. I took last summer off.... but I've been going straight through since then. Fall semester, wintermester, spring semester, Maymester, and now summer semester... then fall semester again and DONE! With college anyways. Then I start my CPA exam. AGHKJLFJLSKDFJLDSJFIOJDSFO

Btw, do y'all like the new layout I am using? I figured I've had my blog a certain way for years, might as well switch it up with one of the new layouts Blogger provided. I like the wider columns. I've been trying to find out how to do that for a long time, and now it is made easy. I just want my leopard background back... lol

Anywho, as I promised, I will be posting a ton of FOTDs/ mini-reviews today. Bear with me porfaplease! I always take pics of things to share on my blog... I just don't always have the time to post them, ya know?

Sedona Lace 120 Palette

In my last post, I mentioned that I received an eyeshadow palette consisting of 120 colors from Sedona Lace. The one I was sent is out of stock, but they have the second edition of the palette that is in stock. They look pretty much the same besides a few colors are swapped out.

I've had the palette for a better part of a month now. So far, I'm really liking the color range and pigmentation of the shadows. I've noticed that the shimmery colors are more pigmented than the matte ones, but in my experience with shadows, that's been true even for MAC (besides their Matte2 shadows but that's another topic lol). I definitely recommend wearing a base when using these shadows & for an even more vibrant color, wear a colored base underneath.

There are some shadows on the palette, matte ones, that I just COULD NOT work with. Maybe my skin is too dark... I don't know. Some of the matte ones just felt a bit chalky and didn't want to show up on me no matter the amount of packing on I did. I did not try it on wet though, so I may need to try that out. For the majority, they show up really well... and I LOVE the shimmery shadows :)

I don't really wear colorful shadows out and about anymore... it's just not my thing & with the hot weather in Dallas, it feel like too much is on my face. If y'all noticed on my blog sale, I sold a bunch of my colored shadows from MAC. I do have a couple of MAC palettes left, but sold the majority of my colorful shadows since I don't ever use them. I was going to buy a palette of colorful shadows just for fun, like from Coastal Scents or something, but then Sedona Lace contacted me :) So thanks a bunch!!!

A wide range of colors... not too many neutrals but I'm happy with it because I have enough neutral shadows as it is!

Tried out a smokey eye. I applied a black base underneath.

I redid my smokey look except added false lashes & made it a bit darker for a girls night out.

I actually wore this colorful look out. I dunno... not my fave really. I filmed a tutorial for it but deleted it because the lighting was way off. I'm wearing Geo Tri Color Brown lenses from Pinky Paradise.

I used a shimmery purple and pink for this look. I like a softer look for colorful shadows so I actually liked this one.

I'm also wearing my Missha BB Cream No. 31 in this look. Not bad, huh? Not too much of a white cast from the SPF.

G&G Turquoise Circle Lens from MyCircleLens.com

I was contacted by a subscriber on YouTube a couple months ago who had an online store for circle lens. MyCircleLens.com is the one of the few US based circle lens distributors. For the most part, circle lenses can be purchased online, but are sent from Asia. Sunny kindly asked me to try out a couple of lenses. I chose a turquoise pair and brown pair (which I haven't tried out yet).

They don't have the widest of selections, but she is increasing her inventory. If you live in the US or Canada, definitely check them out! I got my lenses in about 3 days.

I really like the G&G Turquoise lenses. They're not extremely large so are comfortable for me to wear. I like the obvious color too!

I'm back to studying now! I have a lot more to post, but that's for another day. More Geo Tri colored lenses to show as well as my BB cream experience & Imomoko.com haul :)

Love y'all,


Where In The World?!

Howdy my lovely readers!

Another long hiatus from my blog. But I am proud to tell y'all that I did really good this past semester... made a 3.8 :) I was mad that I didn't get a 4.0 due to one biased professor (89%... WTF ever), but it could have been worse. I also finished my maymester class last Tuesday & start summer semester on Monday. Blah! At least it'll all be over in December!

So what else have I been up to? I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

Golfing with the man. It's only my second time actually golfing on a golf course... even though I work at one. I ordered a set of clubs & plan on learning over the summer... a lot of business is done on a golf course. I can't look like an idiot out there :P

FYI: This is not appropriate golf attire. But I didn't have a colored shirt handy... gotta get a few golf shirts.... but it's okay since we are at my golf course :)

I LOVE the Geo Tri Color lenses. I actually prefer these over circle lens because they're a lot more comfortable to wear. They're only 14.0mm in diameter compared to some circle lens that I have that are 14.5mm or 14.7mm. I can definitely wear these longer than circle lenses. These particular pair are the Geo Tri Color Brown. I have a few other colors which I will showcase in another post.

With a couple of my accounting friends.

Mike blowing out his 27 candles.

His cake.

Me and the birthday boy.

We went to my mom's high school reunion... the older ladies loved Mike... they kept calling him my hot date LOL

It's a monster! Bahahaha Juicy was grabbing a treat from me. (What kind of an update would this be without some of my Juicy pics!)

She's learned to sit on her bottom when she wants food... she tries so hard to be a little human!

Mike attempted to make her a Celtics fan... it's a divided household right now. 2 Lakers fans against a Celtics fan.

A quick snap of my FOTD for church. I don't remember what I wore besides MAC Fresh Salmon lippie.

With my Mom at church. The maxi is from F21 as well as the bandeau bra.

Brunch with my bestie at Breadwinners in Uptown Dallas. If y'all are ever in the area, definitely this is a must. Delicious food! I had the Sonoma Valley Eggs Benedict and a mimosa... delicious!!! I swapped the English muffin for a croissant because I don't care for English muffins.

Juicy being her silly self on our car rides around town.

She loves laying in the Snuggies and clean laundry... goodness gracious...

Trying out the Sedona Lace 120 Palette I was sent to try out and review. I've been wanting to try out one of these types of palettes so was super excited when I received it. I tried out a simple smokey eye before a class. I'll be doing a more in-depth review later on!

Using the Sedona Lace 120 Palette again for a girl's night out look. Made it a lot darker than my usual smokey eye. I really like the pigmentation so far.

My girl's night out outfit. Bodysuit - American Apparel. Skirt - F21. Shoes - Jessica Simpson.

Mini golf date with my babe. I like to bum around on the weekend. Soffe shorts with Uggs.. at least when the weather allowed it.

It's starting to get hot in Texas = Juicy.

I'm finally getting dark enough to wear my MAC Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation in NC42. Simple, winged out liner with a bit of highlight to give my eyes some pop.

Before heading out to lunch with my friend from out of town.

Laying out weather! I don't really like the tan lines, but sometimes it's just nice to relax in the sun.

Juicy and I having fun while Mike tries to concentrate LOL

Mom feeding Juicy cheese on Memorial Day. I swear, she is gonna spoil my kids like crazy. I saw Juicy walking away to her bed area and heard an audible "crunch". It was a chip my mom had given her! I had to educate my mom that we can't just feed her anything... supposedly the stray dogs would eat whatever in the Philippines.. *shrugs*

After a long day of BBQing with the family on Memorial Day.

My next post will be a catch up of FOTDs I've taken. Stay tuned for that! Hope y'all enjoyed my photo update :)

Lots of love,