Our 2 Year Anniversary

Hey y'all!

I've come to cherish my old blog entries... it's kind of like reliving moments in my life, like my blog has become a semi-diary. When I originally started blogging, I did it to share my interest & exploration in makeup, branching off into style and fashion, and bits and pieces of my life. This blog is like another piece of me. Not just a makeup blog. But just my own adventure in life. Though I don't update as much as I'd like, I'm glad to have captured some moments in my life through my blog. Reading old thoughts bring them up again to the present. I'm hoping & planning on writing more. Personal stuff, sometimes venting, and of course makeup and style entries.

Anywhoodles, just a quick blurb into my thoughts at the moment :]

November 21st was Mikie and my 2 year anniversary. As many of you know, I'm still in college (only a little under a month left WOOOOOT). I work and go to school but as y'all may know from experience, college students don't make a huge amount of money. Mikie works hard & has been supporting our lifestyle while I try my best to chip in what I can. I never wanted to be reliant on someone else & moving out of my parent's place before graduating was unexpected but I wouldn't change it if I had it to do over again.

Meeting Mike was unexpected and a blessing. It was so wonderful to meet a person who was my other half. To have someone I wanted to share my life with because I generally am a private person (I've found out the hard way to be very very careful with trusting others). We complement each other so well. Although we come from very different backgrounds, what the other person lacks, the other seems to make up for. Sure, sometimes it's hard & painful but I don't think strong relationships are formed by not dealing with hard times. We have misunderstandings & arguments but in the end, our love hasn't faltered. He's still the rock in my life & I haven't had someone to ground me my whole life.

We've had some amazing and joyful times the past 2 years. We've dealt with a some poopie but sometimes that can't be helped (some shitty people out there...). Life is a learning process & we've definitely learned a lot... Underneath it all, we love and respect one another. We want the best for each other & that's just one thing I love about him. That he's caring, loving and supportive.

At the end of the day, I'm so happy and at peace knowing my best friend will be there for me.

For our anniversary, we decided to keep it low key. With the holidays right around the corner, we didn't have much wiggle room in our budget. But we definitely made the most of it!

Mikie is originally from Fort Worth but he lived in New Hampshire for quite a number of years... this is where his love for all New England teams began. If some of y'all can tell in most pics of him, he's got a thing for the Celtics, Red Sox & Patriots... there's definitely no room in his heart for any Dallas teams (pity pity). He also got a taste for delicious & fresh seafood, namely lobster. From what he tells me, the lobsters up north are huge & sell at a similar price as the dinky ones down here.

We had lobster earlier this year for the 4th of July & since then, I've had a hankering for some! We cooked lobsters at home, which was a delightful treat! It was very low key but we are excited for the upcoming year where we both will be bringing in some good money & we'll be able to do more then :] We're wanting to check out this place in Maine. We plan on going sometime next summer after busy season.

Okie dokie, enough of my babbling, I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

MAC Face & Body Foundation - N5
Physicians Formula Light Concealer
MAC MSF - Medium Plus
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC Browning Brow Powder
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Pa Princess Beauty Falsies from Imomoko.com
Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base
Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara

Rimmel Spotlight Beige Lipstick

My man making lobsters :] I was playing with our new DSLR camera. We got it from QVC.com a month or so ago. Still having some difficulty with the learning curve but I'm learning :]

Steaming lobsters!

Juicy is excited too... she loves lobster lol

It's nice to be cozy at home eating some messy seafood :]

I got Mike a set of Burberry Brit. I love my women's version & Mike has taken a huge liking to the men's version whenever we go to the mall. I love the holiday sets from Nordstroms. This one came with the full-size cologne, after shave & body wash at a great price.

Mikie got me this pretty Swarovski pen

The night we met....

And 2 years later :]



Makeup Tutorial: Sleek, Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hi Y'all!

I recorded this video before Mike and I moved to our new place. I hope y'all enjoy it!

Tulle Ruffle Front Top
Cross ring & Hairband - Forever 21

Eyeko Saucy Nail Polish

Aveeno Moisturizer
Eyeko Cream with Extra Glow
TEMPTU Undereye Concealer in Medium
TEMPTU AIR Pod Foundation in Natural
MAC MSF in Medium Plus
Me Me Me Bronzer

MAC Browning Brow Shader
Sleek Palette
~ Gold shadow - all over lid
~ Chocolate shadow - outer v & crease
~ Matte flesh-toned shadow - buddy color
~ Shimmery champagne shadow - highlight & inner corner
MAC Dipdown Fluidline
Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base
Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara
G&G Turquoise Circle Lens from MyCircleLens.com

Rimmel Spotlight Beige Lipstick

I took out my circle lens so y'all could see what the makeup looks like on my regular brown eyes :]

Hope y'all like it!

Happy Thanksgiving in advance to y'all! XOXO

P.S. Products from Tulle, Eyeko, TEMPTU & MyCircleLens.com were provided for review. These are products that I actually like which is why I use them in my videos & everyday life. I am not being paid to review these products or to create a video with these products. These are my honest opinions!


Moving Sale!

Hey y'all!

As some of y'all may know through my Twitter, Mike and I are moving next month to a new apartment. I can't gush more about the new place! The property will be a year old in October & the apartment we got has never been lived in. Such a nice upgrade from our townhome right now. Our townhome has been a great home for the past year, but since I'm still in college until December, we needed a place that was within our budget. So the property we live in right now is older & the city we chose to live in isn't very urban. It's more affordable though.

Anywho, I will definitely do a tour when we move in. I will try to record a tour in our current home.... even if I don't post it on YT, it'll be a nice memory :)

I'm selling more makeup & clothes right now in preparation of the move. I will probably add more as I go through my collection. Here's the first batch of things!

*If you want to make an offer other than the price listed, please do so :) I'm just trying to get rid of everything!
*US only.... sorry international readers! I'm trying to get rid of everything as fast & as convenient as possible.
*Payment through PayPal only.
*Email me at stephienese@gmail.com with the items that you would like to purchase as well as your shipping address. I will email you back with instructions on how to pay through PayPal.
*Shipping will be determined per transaction. I will give you the shipping price when I get your email of the items you'd like to purchase.
*If I don't receive payment within 24 hours of acknowledging your email, the items will be up for grabs!
*All sales are final :)

SOLD MAC Earthly Riches MES, SOLD MAC Fresh Green Mix MES - Each $8

MAC Bright Sunshine e/s, MAC Atlantic Blue e/s, MAC Gesso e/s - Each $7

SOLD MAC Sweet William Cream Blush, MAC Fleurry Blush - Each $9

SOLD MAC Solar Riche Bronzer $10

SOLD MAC Sun Rush Lustre Drops $8

MAC Dim Lip Erase $10

SOLD MAC Brave New Bronze l/s, MAC Big Bow Hello Kitty l/s - Each $8

MAC Bare Necessity Dazzleglass $7, MAC Steppin Out Dazzleglass $7, MAC Hyper Chic Stylistics Lipglass $6, MAC Bountiful Plushglass $5

SOLD MAC Seasonal Peach n/p, SOLD MAC Steamy n/p, SOLD MAC Jade Dragon, SOLD MAC Mercenary n/p, MAC Love & Friendship - Each $6

Barry M Blueberry $3, Finger Paints Be A Pal-ette $3, Orly Ridgefiller $4

MAC Fafi Dolls - Tan Skin or Green Skin - Each $10

MAC Reflects Very Pink $10, SOLD MAC Bright Fuchsia Pigment $10

SOLD MAC Dark Brown Creme Liner $4, SOLD MAC Dreammaker e/s, SOLD MAC Haunting e/s, SOLD MAC Nile e/s

SOLD MAC Invisible Set Powder $10, MAC Tenderdusk Loose Beauty Powder $8

MAC Just a Smidge Liquid Lip Balm, SOLD MAC She-Boom Lipgelee, MAC Softnote Tendertone - Each $4

SOLD MAC Metalblu Metal-X Cream Shadow, PENDING MAC Plum Electric Metal-X Cream Shadow, SOLD MAC Pure Ore Metal-X Cream Shadow - Each $8

Each $7
1st Row: UD Shadow (I don't know the name), MAC Post Haste, SOLD MAC Chrome Yellow, MAC Petalescent, SOLD MAC Beautiful Iris
2nd Row: SOLD MAC Eyepopping, SOLD MAC Coquette, SOLD MAC Silver Ring, MAC Jewel Blue, SOLD MAC Hepcat
3rd Row: SOLD MAC Fab & Flashy, MAC Clarity, SOLD MAC Teal Blue

MAC Empty 15 Pan Palette (1 Available, 2 SOLD Each $10

Pigment Samples.
These are samples I either bought online or made myself from pigments I had.
Each $2

Marine Ultra
Rushmetal x2
SOLD Mauvement
SOLD Bronzescape Solar Bits
Impassioned Solar Bits
Reflects Very Pink
Gold Mode
Gold Stroke x2
SOLD Olive Green
Apricot Pink
Azreal Blue
Bright Fuchsia
Golder's Green
SOLD Melon
SOLD Copper Sparkle
SOLD Your Ladyship
SOLD Sweet Sienna
Jardin Aires

Thank y'all for looking & shopping :)