Review: FeatherYourself Feather Hair Extensions

I was approached by FeatherYourself to do a review over their do-it-yourself feather extensions.

I personally haven't liked the feather extension trend. It just isn't my style and it wouldn't be very professional for me to wear feathers in my hair. (This is just my own opinion)

However, I was really excited to try out the do-it-yourself feather extensions because I have friends who like feather extensions and will pay over $100 to get them put in at a salon.

I like that if you are on the fence on getting professional feather extensions, FeatherYourself gives you an affordable option to try feather extensions. Also, if you're like me, a young professional, and are unable to wear them on a daily basis but want feather extensions on the weekends, this would be a great option.

I found placing the extensions into my hair very simple. I followed this video and was able to apply the feather extensions after a few tries. The hardest part for me was pulling my hair through the microbead. I only wore it for a few hours and the extensions stayed in place.

Overall, I was impressed by the ease of application. If you've ever been interested in feather extensions but don't want to pay the hefty salon price, I would highly recommend giving FeatherYourself a try! Feathers, microbead and threading tool costs about $40.


So Lady Like

I can predict that Essie's Lady Like will be a fall fave for me! This reminds me of Eyeko's Posh nail polish but with more of a mauve tone to it.

P.S. I posted this with the Blogger app on my Android phone, yipppeeeee for fast posting on the go :)


I'm 23!

Long time no blog... again.

I turned 23 at the end of July. A couple of new changes that have happened are I cut about 4" of my hair off and....

I now own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels :)

Mike bought me the Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Patent Pumps (buy here) at first. I originally wanted the Simple 100s but they were completely unavailable in my size *sad face* I wanted a pair that was fairly practical. However, the Simple 85s are just too short.

I took the Simple 85s out for a "test drive" in Uptown Dallas. My makeup for the night was my Kim K Smokey look.

My outfit: Dress - c/o Hot Miami Styles (old)

I decided that the Simple 85s were not THE shoe for me, especially being my first pair of Loubies. I wanted to have a pair that I adored. Also, the toe box on this pair is super narrow. My feet hurt like no other after the night.

I highly recommend purchasing shoes, especially Louboutins, from Nordstroms. I explained my situation to the salon shoes representative and they exchanged them for another pair (I paid the difference obviously). I decided on the Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump (buy here) and am very satisfied :) Thank you babe!

My outfit: Top - Windsor, Skirt - borrowed from a friend, Clutch - Rebecca Minkoff MAC

Birthday shoes :)

I hope y'all are doing well! Happy Labor Day!