I'm Thankful

This year has been so eventful. Definitely been through some really awesome highs and a couple really awful lows. 

I want to take time to reflect on what I'm thankful for this past year.

I'm thankful to have a career that's always in demand. I'm thankful to have experienced the industry life and thankful I realized I needed a little more public accounting experience to get me to the level I want to be at in 2 - 3 years.

I'm thankful for my and my family's health.

I'm thankful that I got to marry my best friend. I'm thankful for the progress we've made together and individually. We definitely have grown together instead of apart which I'm thankful for after 6 years. I'm thankful for our wedding, for the people who helped and attended. I'm thankful for the memories because it really was a beautiful day.

I'm thankful to have reconnected with friends and family. I'm thankful for my hermana who I continue to grow close to. I'm thankful our friendship is a mixture of light and fun things but also we can go into deeper topics.

I'm thankful for my friend Erin who gets me on so many levels. I'm thankful she was there for me during my bridal shower, I don't know how I would have pulled it off without her help! I'm thankful I made a great friendship during my stint at the Big 4 and that Juicy loves her friend Molly (Erin's fur baby).

My sister and papa live in California and I don't get to see them very often so I'm thankful to have gotten to spend time with them this year. I'm thankful my sister came in the nick of time before my wedding to save me from a complete break down (literally the moment I saw her I walked into her arms and burst into tears). I'm thankful my papa is doing well and is healthy. I'm thankful for my mom & dad who are always there to help me whenever I need it. I'm thankful my mom has started adding smiley faces in her text messages because it freaks me out a little but is still funny. I'm thankful I got to spend time with my cousin Kate.... it's so funny how just a few years can go by and our personalities change a little but we get along so well.

But I think most of all this year, I'm thankful that Juicy is still alive and well. I'm thankful for her sweet demeanor and thankful she is like my little shadow (seriously, look at my pictures and videos, she always somewhere in the background or near me). I'm thankful for her energetic way of greeting me each and every day when I get home, it makes my day! 

About 3 weeks before my wedding, I had noticed Juicy losing weight and she started having a ton of accidents in the house. She was 5 1/2 at the time and really hadn't been making such accidents since she was a puppy. I took her to the vet and they misdiagnosed her. The medicine they gave us for her made her even more sick. She stopped eating and would throw up a lot. She would shake because she was in pain and she literally wasted away just over a span of a few days. Finally, I took her to another vet and they found she had pancreatitis and that she was diabetic. She was in a really bad stage of diabetes, where there are ketones in the urine. We couldn't afford to take her to the 24 hour emergency care facility to have her on fluids 24 hours. The next best thing was to take her to the vet who correctly diagnosed her at 7 am and pick her up at 11 pm. The vet is 40 minutes away from my house, in the opposite direction of my work. But I didn't care and even if I got 3 hours of sleep, I didn't care. There were nights where I'd "sleep" on the bathroom floor to keep her company so that if she peed, it wouldn't be on carpet. I did this for about 4 days, driving her to the vet. At first I was just so scared and sad for her. She was so itty bitty and she had a catheter in her arm that they would tape up at night. It was really really scary. She literally is my baby. Thankfully, she started to feel better. I knew she was feeling better because one day she started whimpering and barking when we got to the vet. I hadn't heard her talk in days and it was music to my ears. She obviously wasn't eating so she wasn't pooping.... so when she finally pooped a little log, I took a picture & sent it to Mike (he was excited too). I know that's weird but I was SOOOOO happy she was getting healthy again, I took a poop picture :)

Anyways, thanks to the vet, she became healthy again. Now I routinely give her insulin shots twice a day and have her on a strict diet. I still worry about her health but so far she has been doing well. I just had to get over my fear of needles and blood. But I overcame it. Like I said, I am very thankful for her health and I have to remind myself even when I feel irritated with her about something, at least she's around to irritate me (like non-stop barking at animals or babies on tv)! 

It's been an intense year and I am thankful for the experiences! Juicy being sick was seriously the most stressful and awful I've ever felt in my life. It's awful to feel so helpless and all you can do it have faith things will get better. Mike helped keep me strong throughout the process. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? 

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

With Love,


Emo Random Thoughts

I've had my blog since 2007. I'm really thankful for having this blog because it's almost like a diary. I go back and read some of my posts from earlier on... it's so trippy to look back at those times. I was just a baby!! I loved chunking up the deuces and looking back I blush over it! I do it every now and then for fun but not religiously like back then.....

I read through the old comments and remember the amazing community of friends I had back then. I really started this blog and YouTube because I had an interest in beauty and didn't have a group of girlfriends with similar interest around me. The internet helped me find a community of friends, first on Specktra and later on Asian Beauty Blog. I loved having friends to talk about girlie things with and to share random bits of my life. I wasn't connecting with some of the people around me and in this day in age, it's not a hard idea that you can meet true friends and people with similar interests thousands of miles away.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever reads my blog anymore. This isn't a cry for attention, it's just a true pondering. I'm different than I was 7 years ago.... I've lived life more (which is why there are long periods of turning into a ghost), experienced life more.... had struggles and triumphs more than before. I'm not as cutesy as I used to be, I have a corporate job that I don't love and I feel uncreative at times. I wanted to let my creative juices flow again and that's why I started blogging and YouTubing again. 

Anyways, I guess I was inspired to write a random emo post since I used to vent about everything when I first started my blog and it's kind of nice to go back and remember what's been going on. So maybe in 7 years I'll look back at this post and remember how my life was at this time. 

Fall/Winter Makeup Tutorial: Deep Berry Lips + Holiday Outfit

Hi y'all! 

The tutorial I'm sharing today I originally wore (quickly thrown together) in my Fixing 2nd Day Hair video. 

I was playing around with the look again a couple weeks ago, using scotch tape to give me a clean edge which I shared on my Instagram. My bestie and I were playing around on Football Sunday (i.e. guys playing video games and watching football at my house) and she took a few pictures of me in my Forever 21 dress. I think this might just be a look I wear during the holidays!

In my tutorial, I decided not to use scotch tape so you can see how it looks either way.... the lips are the focal point so it really is up to you!

Products Used:

MAC Tete a Tint E/S (limited edition, dupe is Bamboo)
MAC Cosmic E/S (limited edition)

I hope y'all enjoyed!

With Love,


DIY: Striped Wreath With Glitter Letters

Hi y'all!

You may or may not know but I have a slight obsession with stripes, glitter and bows.... so obviously when I saw this pin by the Crafted Sparrow, I knew this was a must do. I wanted to use this wreath as a decor piece throughout the year so I used my last name instead of Boo. 

All the products I used were purchased at Michaels except for the black cloth for the bow which I bought at Walmart. 

Products Used:
- Black cotton cloth (for the bow)

  1. Begin wrapping the ribbon by first pinning one loose end to the back of the foam wreath. Make sure to keep the ribbon fairly tight. I tried to wrap my ribbon so that the stripes would overlap one another to keep it looking somewhat in sync throughout.
  2. Pin at about 1 inch intervals as you make your way around the foam wreath. I chose to pin it for convenience sake but you could glue gun this if you desired.
  3. Once you're done completely wrapping the wreath, take about a 12" piece of ribbon (or shorter depending on where you're hanging it) and loop it around the top of the wreath to create a hanging piece.
  4. I created the fabric bow using this post. I had a really hard time making the bow even. It's still not 100% even but I am happy with it as it is.... I may try to make another one later on but for now I'm a-ok with it! I used a pin to adhere it to the wreath so that I can switch it out later. I chose to use a black piece of cloth for the middle of the bow but my bestie chose to do hers in white.
  5. Coat each letter with paint. I really don't think it matters what color paint you use, I just had leftover gray paint from my wedding DIYs. Once the paint drys, use the glitter spray paint to coat each letter. Let this dry, then use the clear coat to seal in the glitter so it's not flying everywhere once you hang it up. Mike did the spray painting... I'm not good at getting an even coat and he's amazing at it (seriously he is).
  6. Glue gun the letters to the wreath. My letters are a tiny bit off from what I wanted but I'm not the most crafty person so I feel pretty good about my results!
  7. Hang and enjoy the prettiness!
My best friend and I end up doing crafts or some other girlie activity on football Sundays while the guys watch football or play their video games (all three of them hook up their gaming consoles to 3 different rooms in my house... obviously no filming can be done with them screaming in the background). It's a fun time though :)

I hope y'all enjoyed my little craft project!

With Love,


Work Wear #03 & #04

Hi y'all!

I am behind on posting my work outfits so here's an extra dose of outfits. I started incorporating different lipstick colors a couple weeks ago and have really enjoyed mixing up my style with something so easy as lipstick.

Blouse - H&M | Peplum Skirt - Ann Taylor | Flats - Halogen

Blouse - H&M | Skirt - Ann Taylor | Pumps - Louise Et Cie

Top - LOFT | Pants - LOFT | Purse - Rebecca Minkoff | Flats - Halogen

Shell - Ann Taylor | Cardigan - Ann Taylor | Pants - Ann Taylor | Flats - Halogen | Purse - Rebecca Minkoff

Sweater - LOFT | Jeans - Express | Boots - Sam Edelman

Blouse - LOFT | Pants - Ann Taylor | Pumps - Louise Et Cie | Bow Barrette - Forever 21 | Lipstick - MAC Hang Up

Blouse - LOFT | Pants - LOFT | Pumps - Halogen | Lips - MAC Modesty

Blouse - Madewell | Pants - LOFT | Pumps - Ann Taylor | Lipstick - MAC Whirl Lip Liner & Brave Lipstick

Shell - Target | Cascade Cardigan - Caslon | Jeans - Express | Flats - Halogen | Lips - MAC Darkside

With Love,