New Years Eve - 3 Outfit Ideas

Hi y'all! I'm really proud, this is my 2nd year in a row I've been able to get out a style post for New Years! I remember the days when I'd wear bodycon mini dresses for New Years but as I've grown a bit older (grown a bit bigger, #letsbehonest), I want to look nicely put together and flatter my extra lovin. I have three outfit ideas from casual, glam & dressy.



Pia Wurtzbach // Miss Universe 2015 Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Alright, so in case you DIDN'T know, Miss Philippines won the Miss Universe pageant! She is such a lovely, elegant woman and when I saw her makeup & ensembles, I was so inspired. I wish I had some of her dresses to wear but I'll make due. I created this makeup tutorial inspired by Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and felt like such an elegant lady with my bachelorette sash on hahaha

Let me just throw my 2 cents out there about the whole Steve Harvey situation. The conspiracy theorist in me says that Trump paid him to screw up somehow to show how much the pageant needed him.... while the rational side of me says he made a mistake. I really admire that he owned up to his mistake, that's all we can do, right? Steve Harvey, I was in somewhat the same shoes (as seen on my vlog crying) as you and owning up to mistakes is all you can do.

Also, I just want to say how disappointed I am in social media, especially when people call other people (strangers) names for NO reason. You shouldn't be calling someone out of their name anyways and just because it's over the internet does NOT give you the outlet to be rude. Do people not have manners or human decency anymore?! I tweeted about the pageant & misspelled Colombia and got such hate for it. Just calm down people. I do no agree with this justification that to be on the internet you have to grow thick skin. I think people who are rude and demeaning on the internet need to figure out what the hell is wrong with them and learn something called manners & integrity (doing the right thing even when no one is watching), okayyyyy. Anyways, whatever, that's why there's a block button.

Ok, I've digressed enough. Onto what I used in my tutorial:


Vietnamese Style Coffee Using a Keurig

One of my favorite coffee drinks is Vietnamese coffee. I think it's the sweetened condensed milk. When I was growing up, my parents were SUPER strict about not letting us eat sweets (that's an understatement). My aunt used to sneak in sweetened condensed milk and would have it in an opaque cup in the fridge. I don't know what she did with it but I remember her letting me have a little taste and it was like liquid heaven! Maybe it's nostalgia, maybe it's just that freakin good.... either way I had to figure out a way to make it at home.

This is not the traditional Vietnamese coffee, more like Vietnamese style coffee. I can't be bothered with cleaning the little coffee filter in my Keurig to use Cafe du Monde coffee so I found the next best thing in a K-Cup. Convenience y'all.

If you want to make traditional Vietnamese coffee, there are tons and tons of info on that elsewhere, this is a recipe for coffee reminiscent of Vietnamese coffee.


Chic Sweats

I have been on the HUNT for this sweatshirt cape from Forever 21. Unfortunately, it has already sold out... again. I literally checked back on the site every day for a couple of months & just so happened to see it in stock in a medium. It's a little more roomy but I am obsessed. I am not a hoodie person, I don't like the hood tugging on my neck, it's just not my thing. I love that this is a funnel neck and cape style. 

I shared these wedge sneakers on my Instagram and they are one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. PERFECTION! Rose gold and gray? So my favorite. This is my version of sneakers and sweats.

What I'm Wearing:


Vampy Makeup on Thanksgiving

I picked up MAC Film Noir recently. Tangent time: For the longest time I was wanting to get MAC Antique Velvet. I've been on a brown lipstick kick the past year or so and only recently started getting into matte formulas. Antique Velvet has been sold out at my local MAC store for FOREVER so when it got back in stock I was 99.9% ready to buy it. I happened to swatch Film Noir and noticed they are really similar in color, the difference is the one is a matte and the other a satin. I decided to go with MAC Film Noir because of the satin formula cuz sista got dry lips, okayyyyy?

I wore this makeup on Thanksgiving and recorded it BUT I started running out of time between getting ready & cooking. So if you watched my Thanksgiving vlog, you saw me cooking with my Turbie Twist on hahaha.

Anyways, onto the makeup details & some pics from Thanksgiving.


SheIn Blush Asymmetric Trench Coat

I have a slight obsession with anything high waisted. I bought these trousers from H&M and got them taken in since they were CRAZY long. If you have a little joey (definition: a baby kangaroo aka my pooch), I would recommend wearing some shapewear. I'm wearing these shaping shorts to keep things tight.

I have a tendency to gravitate towards black, gray and white so when I saw this blush trench, I knew I had to get it for a little pop of color.

Funny story, Mike and I took this pic on Black Friday when it was around 40 degrees out AND raining. We at first wanted to take the pic on the bridge but there was just too much traffic... hopefully we'll be able to another time when it's not so busy! It was a fun time even though I was freezing.

So the moral of the story is that this trench from SheIn is not a wintery coat, just a light cover up.

What I'm Wearing:


SheIn Sleeveless Lapel Trench

When it comes to fast fashion pieces, I don't like to spend a ton of money. I've wanted to try out the sleeveless trench trend and found a chiffon piece from Forever 21. I didn't want the fabric to be so thin so when I came across this sleeveless trench from SheIn for less than $25, I was up for trying it. I bought this trench in a small and it's still a bit roomy which I like.

The knit dress I bought in a medium because I'm packing a little extra lovin... I wear these shaper shorts to help smooth out my extras.

These heels are literally my most favorite style of heel EVER! Don't be surprised if I get 2 or 3 more colors. Not only do they make my feet and legs look nice but they are surprisingly very comfortable. They are a heel I can wear all day and they only hurt towards the end of the day when I first wear them. Otherwise, they are comfortable like no other.... I can't gush enough about them.

What I'm Wearing:


Casual Friday Jeans & Tee | Fall Edition

Jeans and a plain tee is such a classic outfit and can be built upon to fit your personal style. For me, grays are the new black (well not really because I wear black a ton too but you get my drift). I added my favorite heels at the moment and this long knit cardigan. I bought it from SheIn because I wasn't sure if I would LOVE this trend so didn't want to spend too much money. I'm glad I bought it though, really love the silhouette as you might have seen on my Instagram. Buyer beware, it sheds like CRAZY so do a good job lint rolling it beforehand.


Day to Night Transition

November was SUCH a busy month. One wonderful Saturday, we had a friend's wedding and Mike's work event to attend. We literally had an hour in between each event to change/rest before rushing to the next. Since I knew the day was going to be hectic AF, I chose a makeup look that would be easy to smoke up to switch from day to night. I don't remember the exact shadows I used BUT I'm wearing my Ardell Glamour Wispies and just added a darker brown to my outer v and lower lashline to make it a night look. 

We unfortunately couldn't make our friend's wedding reception but were able to go to the ceremony. It was my first Catholic ceremony (that I can remember) and it was different but lovely :) More on this in an upcoming vlog.

What I'm Wearing:


Daytime Glam Makeup

If you've been watching my vlogs, you've seen the REAL me. I don't wear makeup everyday and when I do, I stick to a natural lash. Mainly because my lashes have gotten so amazing with Revitalash. So whenever I throw on a pair of falsies, I feel SUPER glam.

A good friend of mine is getting married next year so I wanted to look nice during our bridesmaid dress shopping. I threw on an easy outfit, denim on denim, something easy to get in and out of while we dress shop.

What I'm Wearing:
Ross Chambray Top [similar] | LOFT Tank Top [similar] | H&M Jeans [similar] | Tory Burch Miller Sandals


Evening Wedding

A college friend of mine got married last month right before it started getting cool. Since the wedding was during the evening, I wanted to go with a chocolate smokey eye and added falsies for extra glam effect. Using this palette, I took Moracco as my crease shade. I am kind of obsessed with this color, it's a beautiful warm transition shade. I then applied Fudge all over my lid and lower lashline and highlighted with MAC Ricepaper. Then lightly line with MAC Blacktrack Fluidline.


Off Duty Chic in Wedge Sneakers

For years, Mike has always gotten on my case to "wear more comfortable shoes" because we'll be out running errands and an hour in I'll start complaining that my feet her. The struggles are real.

I bought these wedge sneakers a couple of years ago (this year's version has a wavy pattern to it but very similar) and was talked into the olive green shade by the sales lady at Nordstrom. I am so glad I got this color, I tend to wear neutrals so this green adds just the right amount of color. I recently bought a pair in gray and rose gold because COME ON, I cannot pass up that color combo #matchmadeinheaven.

I purchased mine in my regular size and they are pretty comfortable. I would suggest either wearing socks with a little bit of lining unlike my toilet paper thin ones to avoid any rubbing on the tops of your toes. Otherwise they are super comfortable, add a little bit of height & are still a casual, get shizzle done shoe.

This is the epitome of my style. Casual, comfy but still somewhat put together.

What I'm Wearing:


The Perfect Fringe Bootie

I have been a huge fan of Jessica Simpson's shoe line for many, many years. One of my most favorite pairs of shoes EVER Juicy chewed up right before we headed out... oh the joys of when she was a naughty puppy.

I have had my eye out for a pair of fringe booties for so long. I originally thought about getting the Sam Edelman Louie bootie but I didn't love how the shaft was folded over or how they looked unfolded. Then I stumbled across the Jessica Simpson Conley bootie and fell in love. Plus these only cost $100 compared to $140 for the Louie boot. I love the chestnut shade and the heel is quite solid. I love the "clack clack" sound it makes when I walk, very satisfying to hear LOL The suede is structured enough to retain its shape.


Office Chic | My Favorite Color Combo

It's no secret that gray and blush are my all time favorite color combo. Mixed with my usual black and white attire, it makes for just the right pop of color... without it really being a huge pop. I'm very particular when I incorporate colors into my wardrobe so this combo is just the right amount of color for me. Although it's not the traditional fall color palette, I like to stay pretty consistent with my style (once in a while I'll be more adventurous) & add extra layers for that fall feel.


Pink Champagne FOTD

Hi y'all! I have always been a MAC addict but I tried out some Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows at Sephora and really love their color pay off. I own 2 of her eyeshadow palettes (bought them myself) and find them to be a great value. I recently purchased the ABH World Traveler Couture palette. It's only $30 for 12 eyeshadows and I was drawn to the blush sparkly shadow. There are a good 6 or so shadows that I LOVE so great price in my opinion.

ABH Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown


Wearable Burnt Orange Fall FOTD

Hi y'all, if you've been a long time blog reader, you know how much I LOVE this pigment (previous blog post | previous tutorial). I know it's been close to 7 years that I've had it but it still is going strong. I recently fell back in love with this rich, warm burnt orange shade. Unfortunately it was limited edition but I'm sure there are dupes out there.

ABH Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown


Everyday Makeup Routine + The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell Foundation Review

Watch my previous everyday makeup routines: 2014 | 2012 | 2010 | 2009 | 2007

Hi y'all! It's been a while since I shared my everyday makeup routine. I like wearing makeup that brings out my natural features on the daily. Plus, let's be honest, in the morning I'm so bleary eyed that I just manage to get this on my face in about 20 minutes. I treasure my beauty sleep too much to spend it on blending eyeshadows. I hope you find this helpful in some way :)

ABH Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown


VLOG #08 | 4th of July + Pineapple Mojito Recipe + Juicy's Play Date

Mike and I stayed at the Omni at Amelia Island during our honeymoon and my favorite drink there was the Cold Fusion at Rum + Tequila Experience. Basically, it's a pineapple mojito. Mojitos are one of my favorite adult beverages, so I decided I needed to recreate this at home. I got the ingredients from the Rum + Tequila Experience menu and used the measurements from Cupcake & Cashmere's Blackberry Mojito recipe. It turned out perfect and delicious! It would even be delicious without the rum for my non-alcoholic or underage readers.

On a side note, I came across the Better Drinking Culture through Instagram randomly one day which I am totally supporting. Back in my younger days, I'd overindulge but as I've gotten older, I refuse to be slowed down by a hangover or not remember everything about an outing. I am loving making my own drinks at home because I know exactly what and how much of something is being put into each drink. Just something I wanted to share with y'all in case you are interested :)

Pineapple Mojito Recipe
[makes 2 cocktails]


Summer Outfits For Work | STYLE

Summers in Texas last until late October (at least in my humble opinion). I don't know why I choose to live in Texas (actually I do but I digress) because I get so overheated very easily.

Summer outfits are typically skirts and dresses with breathable fabrics. I put together a few of my favorite outfits to wear, especially during the summer. I normally will throw on a cardigan or sweater at the office but left them out so you can see the bare bones of the outfit. I chose to make this video without a voiceover so I can write it all out instead of talking through... plus I am wearing my clear retainer 24/7 and I don't feel like lisping my way through #letsbehonest

Outfit #1
Marshalls Dress
BaubleBar Rose Gold Necklace | similar
Enzo Angiolini Bow Pumps | similar

I really haven't shopped at Marshalls but was intrigued after one of my YouTube besties kept talking about how fab it was... I am so glad (my wallet not really) that she shared about it because there are some really chic pieces for a super affordable price. This dress was only $20. I love the blush lace fabric and layered top. It's so girly and chic.... I bought it in a medium.


Dressing Room Update - August 2015

As Carrie Bradshaw said, I like my money right where I can see it..... hanging in my closet. The hubby and I started getting my dressing room/ walk in closet together earlier this summer and thought I'd share our progress :) This has been a dream in the making! We built our house in January 2013 and it's taken me this long to get started. I'm really REALLY picky so it's a miracle that I was able to make up my mind on what I wanted.


Get Ready With Me [Makeup, Hair & Outfit]: Greek Goddess

I have been loving this daytime, matte smokey eye. It's super wearable, no liner or falsies necessary. I filmed this video about a month ago and I was totally feeling the straight hair for a bit. I haven't straightened my hair in years and really liked the results.

I was mainly inspired to use MAC Embark. It's such a lovely reddish-brown color that really brings out the warmth in brown eyes. Also, I wanted to get more use out of my Anastasia Contour Kit because honestly, otherwise I only use 2 colors out of the kit.

* Vanilla - brow highlight
* Java - crease
* Fawn - cheek contour
* Sand - inner corner & cheek highlight
Vincent Longo Bi-Brow Powder

Real Techniques Detailing Brush
Sutra Magno Turbo Flat Iron


How to Get a Job With the Big 4 (Resume, Getting an Interview, Interview & Internship/Entry Level Job Tips)

To continue with my career series on YouTube, I wanted to share some tips and things I did that landed me an internship then a full-time job with a Big 4 firm. In this video, I share some tips on what to do in college to build your resume and intrigue future employers. Also, I share when to start looking for internships with the Big 4, networking tips, interviewing tips (including important things to do mid and after the interview) and best practices for interns or entry level positions.

 These tips I learned from professors, fellow accounting students and me stumbling through the interview and internship process. As you can probably tell, one of the tips that really helped me out was preparing a "rolodex" of experiences. You can tell that tip was given to me by an older professor LOL

Background on me, if you're new to my blog and YouTube... (hello), I went to a smaller branch of the University of Texas system. At the time, all the Big 4 firms and many mid-tier/local firms recruited from my university. However, compared to the amount of students offered internships from big schools like Texas A&M, UT Austin, SMU and TCU, the students offered internships from my school were really small. So I am very thankful and fortunate to have the opportunity to get an interview with these firms on campus. If you're from a school that the firms do not recruit from, I would suggest applying directly on their websites.

I thought it would be fun to share some old pictures from Beta Alpha Psi and networking events back during my college days. Do any of y'all remember when my hair was this strawberry blonde/ orange? Hahahaha....


Lookbook: Summer Essentials

As y'all may know (I give it away every time, y'all), I live in the great state of Texas. Summers become UNBEARABLE, it becomes crazy hot and humid, both of which makes for an extremely uncomfortable day.

My summer style centers around comfy, breezy clothing. Bun day becomes every day in this heat. If I'm going to be inside, I let my hair down and wear simple necklaces to add some accessories to my outfits. Big statement necklaces are a definite no-no for me, especially during the summer because I'd be a hot, sweaty mess with it. If I know I'm going to be outdoors most of the day, I don't wear any necklaces to save myself from sweating all over them (TMI but #letsbehonest). I live in Tory Burch Miller Sandals & caged sandals.

I'm sharing my essential summer style, general categories of outfits that I wear outside of work: The Romper, The Maxi Dress, Dressy Shorts + Caged Sandals, The Maxi Skirt & The Breezy Dress.

The Romper

Romper: Milleigh Frances | Sunglasses: Plastic Tail | Crossbody: Henri Bendel | Sandals: Tory Burch

When it comes to rompers, I love ones with interesting design or structure. I would prefer to wear cotton or linen, something more breathable. Unfortunately, this particular romper is more of a polyester fabric so it's definitely not breathable. I would wear this one inside more than an outside outfit.

I found this adorable romper from a local Dallas boutique called Milleigh Francis. I have recently started to love, love, LOVE boutique stores, they have more unique pieces. I haven't seen it pop up on their website, but you can find similar styles here & here.


MAC Le Disko Collection: Dazzleshadows

This post makes me feel very nostalgic... like my old college self when MAC collections would first come out. At least now I'm a little more reasonable and don't go all out crazy, right?

When I heard about the Dazzleshadows, I knew I needed to get my hands on a few. I just cannot stay away from anything sparkly!! Everything else from the Le Disko collection I barely glanced over. I chose Say It Isn't So (described on MAC Cosmetics' website as dark gray with pink sparkles), Last Dance (peach beige with pink sparkles) and Can't Stop Don't Stop (deep plum purple with sparkles).

My favorite out of the three is Last Dance. It is a beautiful, rose gold shade that reminds me of Mythology which is one of my all time favorite MAC shadows. Each dazzleshadow costs $20 compared to $16 for the normal eyeshadows.

Each shadow can be applied dry or wet. Dry, they give off a sparkly wash of color. They become much more opaque, super sparkly and multidimensional if you wet them. Just beware, there will more likely than not be fall out.

Are they worth it? If you like sparkles, yes. If you like a duochrome finish, double yes. None of the shadows I picked up have the duo chrome finish but there were several that did, like a purple with blue reflects that was SUPER pretty and cool (I just could not see myself every using it, see, self-control comes with age.......). If I could recommend any it would be Last Dance for any other rose gold lovers out there.

They are limited edition so if you want any of them, I would highly recommend checking them out. Let me know if you want to see tutorials with any of these!


Makeup Tutorial: Silver Lining

I am slowly getting back into playing with colors and threw together this look randomly one day. I was having a bad day and at first didn't like it. But now that I'm not PMSing [let's be honest], I actually really like it. I used to be one of those people who HAD TO wear eyeliner with any look but I have started loving this no liner look, especially when I have pretty eyeshadows on. An added plus to this look is that it really made my brown eyes pop! I didn't do anything new to my lighting, no editing or anything. Anything that accentuates brown eyes is a plus for me.


MAC Rich Flesh Eyeshadow [LE]
Wet n Wild Nude Eyeliner
Maybelline Mascara


ELF Angled Brush [buy similar here]
Smashbox Tapered Blending Brush [LE - buy similar here]
NARS Ita Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 136 Flat Blush Brush [LE - buy similar here]


Vlog #01

It's interesting how as you grow older, your tastes change.

I remember when I started seeing vlogs go up on YouTube back in my college days. For some reason, I really wasn't interested in watching them or filming them. Over the past year of returning to YouTube (and watching because I didn't even watch YouTube for a couple of years at the Big 4), I really find vlogs to be my favorite kind of video. I even like just vlogs of people talking about their day while they drive or are around the house.

Since I bought the Samsung NX Mini, I started to take little clips here and there, thinking I'd put it up on a vlog. This particular footage is from about a month ago. I personally enjoyed looking back at it, like a diary entry (like personal log on Star Trek #trekkie). For me, it was fun to share my thoughts and concerns. I hope you will enjoy it and get to know me a bit more. I don't wear makeup if I'm just at home working or running errands, I talk to Juicy in a baby voice, take her to appointments and complain about random things..... that's just me :)


FOTD 05.19.2015

I was getting ready to film my Samsung NX Mini review and wanted to play around with makeup. I actually really liked how the makeup turned out. I recently picked up a few new products, one being the Hourglass Ambient Powder in Dim. I LOVE the finish, my skin has a lovely glow and doesn't cause any weird white cast when using in flash photography. I've only used it once but it seems to be living up to the hype. I was pleasantly surprised that the powder works as well as it does. All the hype around this powder made my expectation pretty low considering how hyped up other products I've purchased due to rave reviews ended up falling short.

For blush, I'm using MAC Melba. This is my very first MAC blush ever so it holds a special place in my heart. I gave the blush away [or sold it, don't remember] but wanted a peachy, matte blush. This is perfection.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC30
MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NC20
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in #1
Hourglass Ambient Lighting in Dim

MAC Rich Flesh [LE] - transition shade
MAC Haux - crease, outer corner & blended along lower lashline
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk - lid
MAC Cloudbound [LE] - lid
MAC Handwritten - lower lashline
MAC Ricepaper - inner highlight
MAC Brule - brow highlight
Wet N Wild Liner in Nude - lower waterline
Vincent Longo Bi-Brow Powder
Red Cherry #16 Falsies
Shiseido Mascara Base
MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

MAC Melba
Anastasia Contour Kit - Fawn [contour] & Vanilla [highlight]

MAC Whirl Lip Liner
MAC A Rose Romance Lipstick [LE]
NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brule

Natural Lighting:


Samsung NX Mini Review

I am so sorry for the late post! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would know I have been traveling for work for 2 weeks. It was super unexpected so it threw off my posting schedule. I have been really good at posting a video/blog post each week for a while now, so was disappointed in it throwing off my schedule.... such a creature of habit!

Btw, I joined Snapchat while I was on my work trip. Still getting used to using it but it's been fun! If you want to add me, my username is stephienese.

I have been searching for a reasonably priced point and shoot camera to take on the go. My old phone was the Samsung Note 3 (upgraded a couple weeks ago to an S6 which has a pretty awesome camera in good lighting). 

I was hesitant to buy the Samsung NX Mini over a Canon point and shoot but the flip up screen was just too tempting. I was looking for a compact camera that could take high quality photos and videos. 

- Flip out screen. [This is obviously a given.] 
- Great quality photos in most lighting situations. [In low light, make sure your hand is steady, otherwise the quality comes out a little blurry.]
- Autofocuses during video recording & you can touch screen to focus on an object.
- Connectivity to a phone with its built-in WiFi. [Can upload straight to Facebook, Dropbox or send via email but you need an actual WiFi connection for this.]
- Clear and high definition video quality.
- Touchscreen.

- Lens does not retract into body and have to purchase lenses separately if you want a prime lens vs a zoom lens. [Zoom lens is a manual zoom, like on a DSLR]
- Microphone is located at the top of the camera & can be slightly blocked by when the flip up screen is up. [There is still space between the screen and microphone so it's no totally blocked, sound quality is still good.]
- This past weekend, I used the camera at my friend's engagement party. Did some dancing with it in my hand, not sure if that was to blame. In any case, when I went to take pictures with it afterwards, the camera wouldn't work saying "Error 00". I was devastated!!!! Mike did some research and I took the lens off and the micro SD card out but when I turned it back on afterwards, it didn't work. A couple hours later when we got home, I tried the camera again and it suddenly worked fine. Not sure what all happened with it. I'm glad it's working normally now but that was scary!

Overall, I'm super happy with this purchase. I purchased the camera with a 9mm lens from Amazon for just under $300.


What I Do For A Living & Why To Choose Accounting

I am truly thankful and appreciative for my readers and subscribers who have known me from the beginning. Not to say I'm not just as thankful and appreciative to my newer readers & subscribers, because I am. But for those who have followed along and shared in my journey from an innocent & [at times] naive college student to a young professional, I really have enjoyed sharing my journey and growth. I hope to continue to share with  y'all and for my newer readers to grow with y'all as well!

I hope this video helps provide insight on what I do for a living or answer questions about what all you can do with an accounting degree. I am here for y'all, whether as a friend or mentor to provide advice about anything! I know it's especially hard to know how to navigate through college and the beginning stages of your career. I have been lucky enough to have mentors along my journey and hope to be a resource for anyone out there looking for advice.

Thank you all again, seriously, I really do appreciate each and every one of you!  Whether you leave comments or just drop by to read, I know I have some loyal and encouraging supporters. Thank you for the positive vibes.... now before I get too sappy, I'll end this post here. Hope y'all are having a great weekend..... now back to watching the Matrix Trilogy ;)


Smokey Glam Makeup Tutorial {Date Night, Prom, GNO}

I am seriously loving this eye makeup. I felt SO glam, the lashes definitely make a big impact. Speaking [writing?] of these lashes, while they are gorgeous, they are by far the most difficult lashes to deal with. The band is really thick and stiff, they remind me of the cheapy plastic lashes you can buy off EBay in the way they feel, except the bank is even thicker.

I bought the KoKo lashes off Amazon in a 5 pack. Would I buy them again? No. Do they look amazing? Yes. I'm going to figure out a Red Cherry pair or combination that resembles this because these just do. not. work.

I filmed this video in March right after I dyed my own hair [missing my ombre right now]. Sadly, only one full face picture was good enough to share. All the others were crazy washed out. I used my studio lights because I felt there wasn't enough light from the window, with my damn vanity mirror in the way. I'm going to be redecorating & rearranging my dressing room now that busy season is pretty much over. Would you be interested in seeing an update, probably a blog post?

Products Used:
Smashbox on the Rocks Vanilla [LE] eyeshadow with ELF angled brush
MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow with MAC 213 brush
Smashbox on the Rocks Bourbon [LE] eyeshadow with MAC 217 brush
MAC Tempting eyeshadow with random shading brush
MAC Tete a Tint [LE] eyeshadow with MAC 224 brush
MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow with MAC 219 brush
MAC Prism with MAC 136 brush [LE]
Anastasia Contour Kit in Vanilla with Real Techniques Setting brush


Resolution Fail: Collective Haul + Blog Updates!

It's official. I am 100% off my no spend busy season. In my defense, my busy season started to die down earlier this month.... but really, I couldn't pass up some of great deals. I have been really good at not buying random things, without thought.... so that's a plus... right?

Side note, have you noticed any changes with my blog? *hint hint* Header, post title, signature & sizing of pics.... Ok those aren't hints, I gave away the whole shabang. I am seriously excited about some of the design changes I've made to my blog. It was high time I did it! I recently have learned a couple CSS tricks from this blogger that have revamped my blog. I am by no means a code or programmer expert. I would definitely recommend checking out I Can Build A Blog for any other bloggers out there who want to up their game from just the regular Blogger template. I just wanted to share this wonderful site, sharing is caring! Let me know what you think of the changes I've made... I plan to do more but it's a work in progress (debit WIP, credit free time).

I filmed this haul last weekend & found that the Studio Fix Powder did end up breaking me out. I knew that one of the Studio Fix foundations broke me out back in the day and low and behold, I got these cystic pimples. It gave me a lovely finish & even coverage but I can do without the zits, thanks. Back to MAC you go.... I'm still on the search for a high coverage powder foundation. I'm going to give the Tarte Amazonian Powder foundation a try. At least you can see the coverage it gives in these pictures, I need to figure out what ingredient my face dislikes.


What's In My Work Bag: Henri Bendel Carlyle E/W Tote

There is just something about Henri Bendel's Carlyle collection that makes me fall in love. You know I have a deep love for my Carlyle Satchel and today I'm sharing what's in my Carlyle Tote. This is an E/W (east to west) tote meaning it's wide horizontally, compared to N/S which would be vertically long.

 I use the Carlyle Tote as my work bag and it sure can hold a bit of things. The quality of the leather & it's durability has been impressive. I was nervous to get a lighter colored bag, considering my disastrous Rebecca Minkoff MAC that was in a bone color. But the Carlyle Tote has held up well & the color is still true after a few months of use.

Items Mentioned:


Spring Makeup Tutorial {Talk Thru & Chit Chat - Juicy's Teeth Cleaning, etc.}

Sorry for not posting anything last week! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know Juicy had her teeth cleaned last Saturday (as you'll find out during my chit chat throughout this video). I started editing this to go up last weekend and Juicy got sick after her teeth cleaning so that obviously took precedence.

The actual teeth cleaning apparently went well. I picked her up and she was a little groggy but otherwise fine. She ate a full meal Saturday evening & got a full dosage of insulin but was super gasey all night. Then she woke up early Sunday and threw up all over the carpet. TMI she was vomiting & diarrheaing all day Easter into Monday & there was blood in her stool. I took her back to the vet on Sunday & all the tests the ran came back fine (glucose, pancreatitis, electrolytes). The vet thought it was the stress of the operation and maybe the pain medications that attributed to her bloody stool. They put her on fluids just to help and gave her some antibiotics. She came home later that afternoon & the vomit/diarrhea continued.

Long story short, she ended up not eating for almost 36 hours. I felt awful and helpless all over again... it was around this time last year that she became really sick from pancreatitis & when we found out she was diabetic. Monday I took her back to the vet since she wasn't getting any better. They ended up force feeding her & giving her anti-acid reflux medication. That evening, Mike and I force fed her and forced her pills down her throat (I hate doing this). Over the next couple days, her appetite slowly increased & I'm happy to tell y'all that she is doing a lot better :) She is eating her full meals, no additional bouts of vomiting or diarrhea & her poop has hardened up with no blood in it! I can't even express how happy I was when she pooped out a little log... so weird but true. I really want to thank y'all for all your encouragement, support, prayers & positive thoughts. I truly appreciate it & love y'all for being my support system!

So back to this video.... I filmed in on April 3rd for timeline reference & did a talk through/ chit chat style tutorial again rather than voice overs. I like doing the talk through tutorials because I feel like I can connect better with y'all & y'all can see more of my personality. Only downside is I'm a talker so they tend to run long.... in any case, I hope y'all enjoy :)

The Makeup


Beachy Waves Tutorial + Review Ft. Irresistible Me Sapphire Wand

As y'all may have known, I cut my hair to get rid of most of the old ombre and dyed it dark brown using a box dye. I'm still getting used to the length, although I know it's not super short. It's grown out since I got it cut so it's not as wispy at the ends as I complained in this post.

I really love a good beachy waves hairstyle. Irresistible Me approached me a couple months ago and offered me the Sapphire 8 in 1 Wand to try out and review at my discretion. I seriously LOVE this curling wand, it's my favorite wand in my stash. I know you're probably wondering what makes this wand any better than others on the market. As far as the results of the wand, I didn't notice any difference between this wand and the NuMe Lustrum wand I used in a previous video.


Gunmetal Blues Makeup Tutorial

After editing this video, I got a little sad seeing my longer, ombre hair :( 

Back in December I was able to pick up the Smashbox On The Rocks Palette at Nordstrom for only $18! I couldn't pass up this deal. I love deep, jewel toned shades. Once I saw the gunmetal & sapphire shadows in the palette, I knew I had to try them out together. I especially love blue eyeshadow because they make my brown eyes pop. This is such an easy way to transition into wearing colorful eyeshadow.... pop that baby on your lower lashline!

Products Used:


How to Build a Work Wardrobe - Business Casual Essentials

I have gotten a couple of requests to share my thoughts on essential career/corporate/business casual pieces or how to build a work wardrobe. I know, coming straight out of college & maybe not having a mentor who knows the essentials can be daunting... but that's why I'm here :)

Today I'm sharing key pieces to buy to start building your work/corporate/business casual wardrobe as well as tips & things to keep in mind while shopping. Also, I'm going to get a little TMI and talk about the undergarments including a shaping thong that helps keep blouses tucked in. And yes.... I explain how to keep your blouse tucked into your skirt in GRAPHIC detail (well not too graphic). I hope I was able to help someone out in this girl talk video!

First off, let's talk makeup. I really liked the makeup I wore while filming... the bright eye, flirty lashes & subtle lip made me feel like warmer weather is just around the corner. I surely hope warm weather is here to stay in Dallas. I used to think I liked cold weather but, let's be honest, I don't at all. I'm ready for some heat!!!!

The Makeup
Blush: MAC Dollymix
Contour & Highlight: Anastasia Contour Kit


Golden Everyday Makeup Tutorial (Work Appropriate)

I have been using my Anastasia Contour Kit as base colors in my eye makeup. I only use a couple of the powder for contouring/highlighting my face & was on the brink of returning it. I think I'll keep it but probably won't end up repurchasing.

Since filming this tutorial, I have returned the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel. I purchased it right before my no spend period all due to the hype. The fragrance in this product was so overwhelming & clung to my face all day. I think it gave me a nice bronzed finish but it's not cheap so back it went.

I have been loving this makeup for an everyday work look. I feel put together and bright eyed. Plus, it's quick & easy, just what I like. I can't even express how easy an everyday makeup look is with long lashes!!! Love my Revitalash! I need to do an update for y'all though soon. I have this huge gap in my lashes BUT I'm not overly concerned. If you watched my review video, it happens but they always grow back.

Products Used:
Brows: Vincent Longo Bi-Brow Powder in Brunette
Brow bone: Anastasia Contour Kit in Sand
Crease & lower lash line: Anastasia Contour Kit in Java
Lid: Smashbox On The Rocks Palette in Nutmeg
Highlight inner corners: LORAC Pocket Pro Palette in Nude
Mascara primer: Shisiedo Mascara Base (applied off camera)
Mascara: LORAC Pro Mascara (applied off camera)
Under eye powder: Anastasia Contour Kit in Banana
Blush: Cargo in Coral 
Highlight: Anastasia Contour Kit in Vanilla
Lipstick: MAC Verve