My Handbag Collection

I realize I'm quite a talker so I hope y'all don't mind me gabbing in this video!

As requested, I'm sharing with y'all my handbag collection. I didn't include a few of my clutch purses because I forgot to grab them out of my closet. I mentioned that I sold a few of my bags at a resale shop which I was able to use towards my newest purse, the Henri Bendel Carlyle Tote. I've been using the tote for close to a month now and really love it! I'll be doing a video on that in the next month.

I'm sharing pictures of how each bag looks against my size, I'm 5'1 for reference. I hope this was interesting for y'all! I'll try to add links for any that I can find online.


Big Texas Hair Tutorial (For Medium to Long Hair)

As you can probably tell by the Christmas tree in the background, rearranged room & my mention of watching a Cowboys game, this video was filmed in early January. I recently cut my hair & dyed it back to my natural color but this video kind of made me miss both the length & ombre :(

This tutorial is over how I get my big Texas hair. I don't wear this on a daily basis because I'm too lazy in the morning (let's be honest) but for special occasions like going out, parties or holidays, I like to give my hair a bit of lift. I personally do not find any major damage by teasing my hair. In all honesty, if I don't tease my hair, it's flat and limp because of all the weight.

Products Mentioned or Wearing:


Bright & Flirty Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial + Hair/Life Update

Hi y'all!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I was inspired to try out a pink themed makeup look. While I was playing around with it, I thought why not share it as a tutorial :) I am pretty happy with myself right now, I think this is the first Valentine's Day tutorial I've been able to get up in the 7 years I've been on YouTube! Woohooo :)

Anyways, it's super easy, just a handful of shadows. Also, I wanted to update y'all on my shorter hair. Didn't want to confuse y'all since I'll be posting a few older videos with my longer hair. It's a lot more manageable which is totally what I wanted for right now. She kind of thinned it too much but I'm not overly mad about it.

I hope y'all enjoy it! & hope y'all have an awesome Valentine's Day!