My Handbag Collection

I realize I'm quite a talker so I hope y'all don't mind me gabbing in this video!

As requested, I'm sharing with y'all my handbag collection. I didn't include a few of my clutch purses because I forgot to grab them out of my closet. I mentioned that I sold a few of my bags at a resale shop which I was able to use towards my newest purse, the Henri Bendel Carlyle Tote. I've been using the tote for close to a month now and really love it! I'll be doing a video on that in the next month.

I'm sharing pictures of how each bag looks against my size, I'm 5'1 for reference. I hope this was interesting for y'all! I'll try to add links for any that I can find online.


Kate Spade Tote

Kate Spade Satchel


  1. I really loved all of your collection of handbags. And, OMG, we are in the same page, i was already searching on YouTube re: minimalism. LOL! I also would like to reduce my handbag collection, and my clothing. I really am working hard on not buying nothing, cause i really don't need anything. However, I too would like to confess that i purchased the Rebecca Minkoff Love cross-body bag in gun metal. I couldn't resist, i had to have it, per your review! But, i have placed of few of my personal handbag collection on ebay. Steph, why don't you sell your bags on ebay? I can safely assume that you might make more money!
    Reina Duran

  2. The collection is devastating. Specially the Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody is breathtaking. I am a huge handbag lover but it is not possible for me to buy expensive and branded handbags. Luxury Cravings is the best option for people like me. I rent all my begs from here on affordable prices and easy returns. Check out the same.