What I Do For A Living & Why To Choose Accounting

I am truly thankful and appreciative for my readers and subscribers who have known me from the beginning. Not to say I'm not just as thankful and appreciative to my newer readers & subscribers, because I am. But for those who have followed along and shared in my journey from an innocent & [at times] naive college student to a young professional, I really have enjoyed sharing my journey and growth. I hope to continue to share with  y'all and for my newer readers to grow with y'all as well!

I hope this video helps provide insight on what I do for a living or answer questions about what all you can do with an accounting degree. I am here for y'all, whether as a friend or mentor to provide advice about anything! I know it's especially hard to know how to navigate through college and the beginning stages of your career. I have been lucky enough to have mentors along my journey and hope to be a resource for anyone out there looking for advice.

Thank you all again, seriously, I really do appreciate each and every one of you!  Whether you leave comments or just drop by to read, I know I have some loyal and encouraging supporters. Thank you for the positive vibes.... now before I get too sappy, I'll end this post here. Hope y'all are having a great weekend..... now back to watching the Matrix Trilogy ;)


Smokey Glam Makeup Tutorial {Date Night, Prom, GNO}

I am seriously loving this eye makeup. I felt SO glam, the lashes definitely make a big impact. Speaking [writing?] of these lashes, while they are gorgeous, they are by far the most difficult lashes to deal with. The band is really thick and stiff, they remind me of the cheapy plastic lashes you can buy off EBay in the way they feel, except the bank is even thicker.

I bought the KoKo lashes off Amazon in a 5 pack. Would I buy them again? No. Do they look amazing? Yes. I'm going to figure out a Red Cherry pair or combination that resembles this because these just do. not. work.

I filmed this video in March right after I dyed my own hair [missing my ombre right now]. Sadly, only one full face picture was good enough to share. All the others were crazy washed out. I used my studio lights because I felt there wasn't enough light from the window, with my damn vanity mirror in the way. I'm going to be redecorating & rearranging my dressing room now that busy season is pretty much over. Would you be interested in seeing an update, probably a blog post?

Products Used:
Smashbox on the Rocks Vanilla [LE] eyeshadow with ELF angled brush
MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow with MAC 213 brush
Smashbox on the Rocks Bourbon [LE] eyeshadow with MAC 217 brush
MAC Tempting eyeshadow with random shading brush
MAC Tete a Tint [LE] eyeshadow with MAC 224 brush
MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow with MAC 219 brush
MAC Prism with MAC 136 brush [LE]
Anastasia Contour Kit in Vanilla with Real Techniques Setting brush