Holiday Style: Midi Skirts for Petite Ladies

Happy holidays my dear friends!! I can't believe Christmas is already upon us. I feel like this year has flown by. Is it just me or does time fly when you're older (or busier/ more productive) than before? I literally feel like busy season just ended but then realize it's right around the corner. WHYYYYY?!? Since I was behind on sharing some fun 2016 moments on my blog, I might be doing some throwback posts to share memorable parts of the year.

To make me feel better and distract me from what's to come, I thought I'd share one of my fave holiday time outfits. What I love about this outfit is that it can easily be worn to work or glammed up for a holiday party. I have been loving the midi skirt trend. It looks so chic and feminine. For a petite lady like myself, I like pairing midi skirts with nude heels to help elongate my frame. These pumps are my absolute favorite and are SO comfy. They're my go to for work (probably why I own them in 4 colors... if the shoe fits...). I can wear them all day and they stay so comfy.

I decided to buy this midi skirt in a blush nude. I was leaning towards a metallic rose gold but in terms of versatility, can't go wrong with a nice neutral. While I'm far from a minimalist, I want the majority of my wardrobe to be versatile. More wear = worth every penny (even though it's not expensive but still). I normally wear a US 6 in ASOS but I wanted the skirt to be fitted against my high waist and sized down to a US 4. It is fitted just right at the waist but roomy in the hips.

To top off the outfit, I went with a mock neck cropped sweater. I have been loving cropped tops, not to show off my joey but to tuck into high waisted anything and not have a ton of extra fabric bulking the look up. I am so particular about what touches my neck so I lean more towards mock necks rather then turtle necks. I get overheated easily even during the winter so a mock neck gives me just the right amount of warmth.

What I'm Wearing:


Athleisure: Gymshark Leggings & Reebok Classic Leather NT in Rose Gold

Hi y'all! I'm just a few days away from my holiday break and not working for the rest of the year :) When I'm not wearing business casual, you can almost always find me in athleisure. I love that workout clothes are getting so stylish!

I started hearing about Gymshark from my favorite fitness YouTubers. I really like their price point and quality. These leggings are high waisted, not super see through (I would say 90% opaque when you bend over) and have a small pocket on the outer thigh which is perfect for housing my cell phone when I'm working out. I got mine in a small and it fits me just right. I have the mesh and non-mesh versions.

My sneakers are super comfy and fit true to size. In certain lighting they have a pink reflection but overall they look like a pretty rose gold. They run true to size and I can wear them in/out of the gym.

Hope y'all are having a good week so far. Can you believe Christmas is almost here?!

What I'm Wearing:


Suede Ruffle Hem Skirt

Hi y’all! Hope you week has started off well!! I took all of last week off from work and let me tell you, it was awesome. I think knowing that busy season is right around the corner has put me into major hibernation status.

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year and I share how I prep for hosting on my recent vlog (including my cleaning routine, go-to green bean casserole recipe and cooking). Family from Mike’s side and my brother came over and we played a fun saran wrap game that we’ll definitely be doing during the holidays from now on. I stuffed myself silly over the past four day and my ears are just getting back to normal after Juicy barked 99% of the time on Thanksgiving since our nephew liked stomping around and shrieking (which is completely new/unsettling for Juicy). I am so thankful I was able to spend the holiday with family, for my supportive other half, for Juicy continuing to be healthy, for my family and friends, for the friends I’ve met through social media, for a good job that helps me provide for those I love and for so much more that I can’t write all down otherwise I’d be here for forever.

I love the hem of this skirt from ChicWish which they unfortunately no longer carry right now. It makes me feel like I have a mermaid/trumpet skirt. I paired them with a recent mule purchase that I am love love LOVING (I bought them in 2 different colors). This lipstick is one of my favorites for the season, it’s the perfect wearable plum shade.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

What I'm Wearing:


Blush + Gray Bomber Jacket

Hi y'all! Yesterday I went to Soul Cycle for the first time for a good friend's birthday. You know I barely do cardio. I'm more of a yoga, weight lifting, HIIT kinda gal so 45 mins of straight cycling sounded SO intimidating but I'm always up for trying something new! I have done a couple of spin classes over the years and they were always super challenging and I ended up with a sore crotch [let's be honest]. But that had been years ago when I was in better shape.... anyways, fast forward to yesterday. I absolutely loved the Soul Cycle facility. Their locker room is well stocked with towels, face wash, shampoo/conditioner/body wash in the showers, deodorant, shaving supplies and hair dryers. The staff at Preston Hollow were so helpful and helped get me situated into my bike. I absolutely LOVED the atmosphere. You cycle in a dark room, every now and then the instructor would turn the lights on around the stage on for demonstration but for the most part, I felt like I was in a club. The music was awesome and so loud. I love when the bass is on point and vibrating. They provide ear plugs at the front (and gum - how genius!) if you don't like the super loud music but I loved it. It covered up my heavy, dying breathing and cussing when it got real difficult :) The first couple minutes I literally felt like my legs were going to fall off but as Lexi said, keep moving even if you take a break. So I did. Eventually my legs felt normal again and I enjoyed myself until the 2nd round of Oh My God I'm Dying set in. One more round of I Think I'm Going To Make It followed by the last I'm Glad I'm Strapped In Otherwise I'd Be Passed Out On The Floor.

Overall, it was a lot of fun but final verdict for myself is that it's just not for me - at least at my no cardio fitness stage. Because of how we were bent over most of the time and I already hold a lot of stress in my shoulders & neck, I had the worst shooting pains kinda headache and was so nauseated after brunch. I spent the rest of the day in bed with a massive migraine which I don't get very often. I really do think it's because I wasn't nearly in good enough shape for it and although I tried to take it at my own pace - it was just so intense. It definitely showed me how out of shape I am cardio-wise and I will start adding it into my fitness routine but likely HIIT sessions since I'm trying to grow da peach. BUT if you like cardio or like spin, I would definitely recommend trying Soul Cycle out. It was still a lot of fun and the atmosphere was great. My friend does it ALL the time and she was going hard the entire session. You could definitely tell the avid riders from the newbies. It was a fun experience but I'll probably stick to my normal fitness routine since it's more enjoyable for me [said as I ice my crotch]. I can definitely feel the burn in my quads a TON and a bit in my calves and glutes.

Anywho, two of my fall must-haves this year has been bombers and mules. When I saw this bomber [currently on sale!!], I feel truly, madly, deeply in love. Blush and gray?! Swooooon! Thank goodness for ASOS free returns because I had a lot of trial and error on sizing.... I also took it as a reason to spend $140 each order to get free shipping.... gotta take advantage! I originally tried the bomber in a US 6 but it was a touch too big in the shoulders. They unfortunately were out of the US 4 but the US 2 fits quite well.

I purchased the mules from Amazon. I love the cut of these mules and the peep toe. Since Texas refuses to stay cold [at least right now] I can wear them for a bit longer. What are some of your fall must-haves?

What I'm Wearing:


ASOS Petite Peg Trousers

Happy Monday y’all! One thing that helps brighten my mood when I’m having a crappy day is wearing something I love. Whether it’s my favorite heels, favorite fall perfume or lipstick, just that little something along with me during the day can brighten my mood, even a little bit.

With the weather getting cooler in Texas (FINALLY), I’ve been updating my wardrobe to include some pants. I just recently found that ASOS provides 2 day shipping for orders over $140 to the US so I definitely took advantage of it (new things here and here). I love their petite selection and wanted some flattering high waist pants. The only gripe that I have is their sizing. Since it’s UK sizing, I feel like it’s hit or miss. I found these peg trousers and since they had limited availability in sizing, I got them in a US 8. They are a bit loose in the waist so will get them taken in.

What I'm Wearing:


Kiehl's Apothecary Preparations #KiehlsGetsPersonal

Hi y'all! I have been an avid Kiehl's fan for almost 8 years so when they reached out to invite me to the launch of Apothecary Preparations, I was BEYOND excited. I love their products plus anything personalized.... you can count me in (accountant count me in). I visited the Dallas Highland Park Village Kiehl's store to get a peek at the Apothecary Preparations and my very own consultation.

What I'm Wearing:



I'm a firm believer that just because you may work in the corporate world, you still can express your individuality. Whether it's through your clothes, makeup, hair or even more non-physical ways like continuously being positive & optimistic, speaking only good things about others or keeping your promise when you say you'll do something. But since my blog post wouldn't be much without some photos, I'm choosing to share how I express myself through my style :) Some people may have differing views. Some people may say "I'm not trying to impress anyone" in an effort to passive aggressively put you down for maybe dressing up more than others. But as long as you're owning your style, owning yourself and not hurting anyone else, then who even cares! #randomthoughtoftheday

I'm a lover of anything blush & stripes. This outfit combo is so girlie yet conservative enough for the office. I've had this skirt for AGES and it's been a staple in my wardrobe. ModCloth keeps it in stock pretty much at all times so it's safe to say it can be a staple for you too! Another staple are my heels, I currently own 4 colors and may/may not be getting more (leaning heavily on the may....). If it ain't broke...

What I'm Wearing:


The Obsession Continues: Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Love Crossbody

If you don't know yet, I am IN LOVE with the Love Crossbody collection. I now own four of them and my newest addition, the chevron version in vintage pink, I fell in love with the moment I saw it. Vintage pink is the closest blush shade I've seen her come out with and paired with the silver hardware + chevron quilting..... ohhhhhhh chile!!! Had to have it!!!

What I didn't realize is the chevron quilting is made of suede-like material while the rest is the normal leather. The suede sheds like CRAY so take a lint roller to it before your first wear, otherwise, you'll have lovely little specks all over you (my shorts were covered with it in the beginning). Because of the suede, it's a lot more prone to scratching and is super pliable. I normally wear my Love Crossbody like this but it dimpled at the top.... so sad. Overall though, I love it and so happy to have her in my collection.

I have been looking for a pair of tall gladiator sandals and after much trial and error (or shipping back and forth) I found a pair that I love. I plan on getting more colors :) If you're like me and have a meatier calf, I recommend finding lace up gladiator sandals. I'm able to customize the width and still get the gladiator effect. It also helps that lace up anything is on trend, functional and stylish!

What I'm Wearing:


SheIn Lightweight Trench

I purchased this lightweight trench from SheIn earlier in the year. Since Texas barely ever gets cold, I look for lightweight fabrics that I can layer, that way I get way more wear throughout the seasons (summer 80% of the year lol). My experience with SheIn has been 50/50. Some pieces I have loved, others were a total waste.... this trench definitely falls into the love category :)

I fell in love with these Kristin Cavallari Laurel booties but after reading reviews, I was worried I wouldn't be able to fit my foot into the opening. I originally purchased the Liam booties since they have a zipper but returned them because the zipper made SOOOO much noise walking around. Now that I have the Laurel booties, I have had no problem fitting my foot through the opening and I feel like my foot is in between normal and wide. They are pretty comfortable too and look great on.

What I'm Wearing:


Current Work Bag: Teddy Blake Caty Stampatto

I have been on the search for a gray handbag and was thrilled when Teddy Blake offered to send a bag for me to review. I loved the design of the Caty Stampatto since it is reminiscent of my ultimate dream bag (one day). I have an entire video sharing my thoughts on her including what's in my work bag. I brought her on a recent business trip to Atlanta and she was the perfect traveling companion :)

I picked up this skirt during the July 4th sale from LOFT (60% off y'all) and it fits like a glove. I love the strips and mosaic print. I purchased it in the regular inseam because I have been loving longer pencil skirt lengths. Plus it fits right into the rest of my wardrobe. Blush, gray and stripes!!

What I'm Wearing:


Makeup For Work: Full Coverage Foundation

Funny story, if you watched my recent vlog, you know I had a nightmare of a morning last week. That same day, I was helping with a proposal for work and needed to include my headshot in my bio (first time I had to make a bio for work, which was kinda cool hehe). Needless to say, I was NOT headshot ready, hair was in a pony tail, no way to salvage it unless I wet & styled it (thanks humidity & power outage). Face was all sweaty from battling my garage door (who knew it was SO complicated to manually open an electronic garage door ughhh).

There was NO way I was going to take a picture to include in a work project with THAT mess.... so we used a photo from when I started at my firm. Braces and all :) But it looked professional....

Anyways, it feels very apropos to share my full coverage foundation routine and how I do the rest of my makeup for work. This is the makeup I'll be wearing when I do get my headshot done, just will try to not sweat in the garage for an hour beforehand :) The video is on my YouTube channel if you'd like to see how I apply it all!

What I'm Wearing:


Casual Friday: Blues & Nudes

Happy Friday y'all! Thank goodness for jeans on Friday. Thank goodness for it being FRIDAY!! I feel like I always say this but I feel like work has not slowed down. I'm hoping to catch a break and work some 40 hour weeks for a good amount of time.... that's not too much to ask is it? Life in public accounting......

Anywho, I love pairing skinny jeans with a structured blazer, I always feel so lady like :) Peplum is definitely my favorite silhouette. It helps to hide any extra love for those of us without washboard abs. Throw it all together with my favorite heel and I feel like a more elevated version of casual Friday.

What I'm Wearing:


Romping Around

Happy Memorial Day y'all! I want to start by first thanking the women and men of our country who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our freedom. I often take for granted the liberties I have since this is what I'm used to. Many of the things and conditions I'm in right now came from hard work on my own part but it would not be possible without the freedom we have being Americans.

I'm often outraged and say "that can't be possible" when I see injustices on the news or in documentaries about basic liberties like not having the freedom to choose your way of life.... mainly because I have not witnessed it in this lifetime. As I've grown older, I am more humbled and thankful for the opportunities and freedom of choice I (and others) have.

Mike and I have been enjoying our day and relaxing. Selling off items that collect dust and deserve a new home. Going to my morning yoga class & catching up with a long time friend. Taking a light nap in the middle of the day and a mini Sonic Oreo Blast. Now I'm off to get some food for us to cook up for tonight. It's been a great day and a very nice, long weekend. I'm kind of getting bored so I'm glad to get back to work tomorrow as well as explore some upcoming opportunities that have dropped in my lap....

It's been a WHILE since I shopped at Old Navy and I forgot how inexpensive yet stylish their clothes can be. This romper is super breezy and comfortable. It wrinkles a little easily when you sit down in it for a while but I find that happens to me a lot in any romper.

These sunglasses are less than $20 and are a duo mirrored effect of pink/green. Kind of a weird combo but I still like them. I can be very careless with my sunglasses so I can't shell out a ton of money on a pair... at least not yet ;) I hope you all had a great Memorial Day!!

What I'm Wearing:


Casual Colorblock A-Line Skirt

Hi y'all! Gray, blush and stripes..... yes.... again.... but wait! It's in a different way, I promise :)

I've been taking some much needed time away from work the past week. Slowly starting to feel normal again. Haven't been able to catch up on everything but progress is progress!! #positivevibesplease

Since I currently work in a business casual environment, I try to buy clothes that I can use for both work and play. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but that's my mantra for the most part.

Since I'm a sucker for stripes, I bought this LOFT skirt in the regular length [rather than petite]. I feel like the petite length would be a teensy bit risque, even this length is a little shorter than usual but I still make it work at work [haha].

These Ivanka Trump gladiator sandals are the perfect nude/blush shade and incorporates the lace up trend in a classic sandal. I swear by Ivanka Trump shoes, her Carra heels are my HG heel so I was pretty confident I would love her sandals.... and I do!

Paired everything with this gray muscle tank from Old Navy and this outfit is perfect for my days off, enjoying the Texas heat :)

What I'm Wearing:


Fringe Blanket Skirt

Hi y'all! I saw this skirt and immediately fell in love. The color palette is right up my alley and the fabric is on the thicker side. When it comes to my workwear, I like to keep it a bit more conservative so I ordered the skirt in a regular size rather than petite - otherwise it'd be a little risque imo. Just like in school, my rule of thumb is lengths that are past my fingers tips when my arms are down are a-okay :)

With summer right around the corner, I decided I wanted to try something different with my hair color. The past year I've been playing around a little more with my hair - cutting it into a long bob after almost 9 years of long hair. It grows really fast so if I mess it up a whole bunch, it's only temporary ;)

My ultimate goal is to go blonde (balayage) for the summer and if you are a subbie of mine, you know I took another big step towards this goal in my recent vlog. Really excited with how it's going with my colorist/hair stylist, Jennie Blowers!!

What I'm Wearing:


Striped Wrap Dress

Happy Tuesday y'all! Stripes, gray and blush..... another outfit with my favorite details! What can I say, at least I'm consistent, right?

Even though its warming up in the DFW area, I still break out my super long cardigan. The material is pretty light so it doesn't add any extra weight (i.e. doesn't make me overheated, which happens often).

This faux wrap dress from Chicwish is so feminine and ladylike. I ordered it in a medium and while it fit my waist well, the top felt a tiny bit big.... the problems of having a thicker waist (I'm working on it).

My purse is the old design of the Henri Bendel Uptown Satchel. I love it but understand why it was redesigned. Snapping the purse shut can be a little difficult since the little pin has to fit into the hole which I tend to miss a lot (that's what he said....). I still love it though and it's the perfect pop of color.

What I'm Wearing:


Lumberjack Chic

Hi y'all! I have a slight obsession with cold shoulder tops... actually, a major obsession. When I saw this plaid top, I immediately ordered it in my closest size. I ended up getting a medium but could have done with a small. The material is super light and soft. Although I sized up in the shirt, it still fits nicely and is a little more roomy which I always lean more toward (until I get control of my joey).

Another wishlist item I treated myself to was a pair of over the knee boots. As a petite lady, I have had the hardest time finding a pair of OTK boots with a nicely structured heel. The last pair I had were more of an almond shaped, extremely flat pair which was a nice compromise at the time. These Michael Kors OTK boots are almost perfect. I have to keep about a 1/2 inch unzipped otherwise it pinches my skin.... but it hits almost every other requirement.

What I'm Wearing:


Spring Layers

Hi y'all! It's still been a bit chilly in Texas so light layers are a must. I just LOVE how it starts off cold then is in the upper 70s..... super fun (ok, I'll get off the sarcasm train).

My current favorite piece of outerwear has been this knit coat (I like to call it my cardicoat) from Chicwish. The knit material makes it cozy & light. For extra warmth, I always have an oversized scarf with me to use as a scarf, shawl or even a blanket.

I guess I better break out some of my lighter pieces from my wardrobe.... I'm just sad to say goodbye to cold weather especially with not having a winter at all this year :(

What I'm Wearing:



Happy Easter y'all! This dress is the epitome of spring. Light, floral and pastels..... I knew I wanted to break it out ASAP when I received it from Chicwish. The high neck collar and gauzy material just reminds me of spring, it's such a pretty, feminine piece I'm excited to add to my wardrobe.

If you've been a long time reader or subbie of mine, you know I'm very VERY picky about anything touching my neck so I don't see this dress doing too well with me once it starts to get super hot. But for right now, while it's still a tiny bit chilly, the neckline doesn't bother me.

I paired the dress with the t-strap heeled sandals I got last year. They aren't the most comfortable sandal I've ever tried. The strap tends to rub against my baby toe so I don't recommend them for lots of walking. But they are such a minimalist heeled sandal, I can't help but love them.

What I'm Wearing:


Plum Faux Fur

Growing up, my mom had a black faux fur coat and I always wanted to have one of my own. I decided to be nice and not take it from her (she literally has coats that are 20+ years old).... but during Black Friday, H&M was having a pretty good deal on some of their faux fur coats. I picked up this deep plum faux fur coat for $30. Score!

On a chilly night out, I like to throw this on for warmth and an added pop of color. Black is my go to for nights out and I love that this plum shade gives just a little color without being too intense.

What I'm Wearing:


Dressing Room Update - Part 3

If you've been following my vlogs then these updates won't be a huge surprise to you. BUT if you don't, that's okay too :)  I wanted to share with my blog friends how we finished one side of the closet.

More exciting news, I bought the final pieces to complete the other wall of my room from the Container Store (shocker, I know, branching out from the IKEA family) so another update will be coming within the next couple months... I just need to catch Mike on a good weekend so he can put it up for me otherwise I'd have massive holes all over my wall.... If you're looking to get a closet system started, the Container Store is having 30% off elfa, which is what I bought, until February 15th.

For the last piece of this wall, I wanted a section to hang my longer wardrobe pieces. We used the same exact brackets. The rods and shelves are the exact same as the tops/bottoms section except they're just a little smaller.



Thank goodness for the athleisure trend! For years I have been wearing the "pretend I'm going to work out outfit but really I'm not" but now I can just say that I'm wearing athleisure :)  No more lies about heading to the gym, I can just wear my favorite stretchy pants and LIVE.

Ok, it's really not that serious but I really do enjoy wearing these knit leggings every single chance I get. I have three separate pairs of them, I like them so much. They wear like a legging but are thick so that if the wind blew your shirt up, you wouldn't be flashing anyone. And thank goodness for LOFT's petite sizing! They are the perfect length and fit. I wear a medium petite in them and the seam makes for a nice, almost skin tight fit. LOVE is an understatement.

I've complained about Mike complaining that I need to wear more comfortable shoes when we go about our business. Does he just not get that sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for a stunning pair of shoes?!?! Men.

I do love these Nike Free sneakers though. For the longest time I have hated wearing sneakers outside of the gym because I felt so clunky in them. These Nikes are super lightweight and feel like I'm not even wearing shoes, my preferred footwear (it's the Filipina in me, my parents always had us barefoot around the house).

I threw my essentials into my khaki colored Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody, which is one of my favorite handbag styles EVER, and we're off to run errands in comfort. Thanks athleisure ;)

What I'm Wearing:


Four Years Later - Office Trench

I am a blog photo amateur. Mike is such a supportive husband so he and I go out and take photos together. On this particular day, the wind was blowing like cray so I was constantly flipping my hair out of my face while Mike would jokingly shout “stop being unprofessional”. But seriously, it’s already weird (for me at least since I’m still new-ish to this) to be in public taking photos plus fighting with my hair to stop being crazy… it’s just a mess.

Now that I’m done with THAT tangent, when I was in the Big 4, I had a client in this area of Fort Worth. We were working 80 – 100 hours for 7 months straight (literally, I’m not being dramatic this time). I lived at the Omni and Mike and Juicy would stay the night with me so at least I saw them for 5 or 6 hours before going back to work. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

These rocks were the place my friends and I would go to calm down, so we aptly named them the calming rocks. Really this was the calming courtyard because we’d take walks up and down the walkway when we were at the point of breaking down. Despite those memories, I have a love for this area and sitting in this area makes me feel so calm *wooooosaaaaaa*

I liked coming back to this area, 4 years later and seeing how far I’ve come in my career and as a young lady in general. Making new memories in this area with an outfit of my favorite things… best way to reminisce.

What I’m Wearing:


Boots With The Fur

This is my expression when I hear someone use the word "basic" in the negative connotation that's been super popular these days. How is "basic" a bad thing? Basic to me means classic & essential. If you don't have a strong foundation in whatever aspect of life, you're lost. I think someone's style is representative of their personality and uniqueness. If you like UGG boots, wear them! If you like PSL's (I don't but you do you), drink them! 

...... Honestly though, this face is because just as we started shooting, it starting raining and it was like 40 degrees out. JOY.

It finally became more wintry after Christmas... we had a 70 degree Christmas this year... so I broke out my boots and vest while I have a chance to wear them :) I'm going back to work on Monday so enjoying these casual days.

What I'm Wearing:


Bring It On 2016

Happy New Year my sweet friends! I hope y'all had a fun New Years celebration, I'll be sharing snippets of mine in my next vlog. We had a few people over at our house to ring in the new year. We wanted to have just a casual gathering of friends so I got to wear my casual option from my lookbook video (except, let's be honest, I wore house slippers the entire time).