Romping Around

Happy Memorial Day y'all! I want to start by first thanking the women and men of our country who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our freedom. I often take for granted the liberties I have since this is what I'm used to. Many of the things and conditions I'm in right now came from hard work on my own part but it would not be possible without the freedom we have being Americans.

I'm often outraged and say "that can't be possible" when I see injustices on the news or in documentaries about basic liberties like not having the freedom to choose your way of life.... mainly because I have not witnessed it in this lifetime. As I've grown older, I am more humbled and thankful for the opportunities and freedom of choice I (and others) have.

Mike and I have been enjoying our day and relaxing. Selling off items that collect dust and deserve a new home. Going to my morning yoga class & catching up with a long time friend. Taking a light nap in the middle of the day and a mini Sonic Oreo Blast. Now I'm off to get some food for us to cook up for tonight. It's been a great day and a very nice, long weekend. I'm kind of getting bored so I'm glad to get back to work tomorrow as well as explore some upcoming opportunities that have dropped in my lap....

It's been a WHILE since I shopped at Old Navy and I forgot how inexpensive yet stylish their clothes can be. This romper is super breezy and comfortable. It wrinkles a little easily when you sit down in it for a while but I find that happens to me a lot in any romper.

These sunglasses are less than $20 and are a duo mirrored effect of pink/green. Kind of a weird combo but I still like them. I can be very careless with my sunglasses so I can't shell out a ton of money on a pair... at least not yet ;) I hope you all had a great Memorial Day!!

What I'm Wearing:


Casual Colorblock A-Line Skirt

Hi y'all! Gray, blush and stripes..... yes.... again.... but wait! It's in a different way, I promise :)

I've been taking some much needed time away from work the past week. Slowly starting to feel normal again. Haven't been able to catch up on everything but progress is progress!! #positivevibesplease

Since I currently work in a business casual environment, I try to buy clothes that I can use for both work and play. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but that's my mantra for the most part.

Since I'm a sucker for stripes, I bought this LOFT skirt in the regular length [rather than petite]. I feel like the petite length would be a teensy bit risque, even this length is a little shorter than usual but I still make it work at work [haha].

These Ivanka Trump gladiator sandals are the perfect nude/blush shade and incorporates the lace up trend in a classic sandal. I swear by Ivanka Trump shoes, her Carra heels are my HG heel so I was pretty confident I would love her sandals.... and I do!

Paired everything with this gray muscle tank from Old Navy and this outfit is perfect for my days off, enjoying the Texas heat :)

What I'm Wearing:


Fringe Blanket Skirt

Hi y'all! I saw this skirt and immediately fell in love. The color palette is right up my alley and the fabric is on the thicker side. When it comes to my workwear, I like to keep it a bit more conservative so I ordered the skirt in a regular size rather than petite - otherwise it'd be a little risque imo. Just like in school, my rule of thumb is lengths that are past my fingers tips when my arms are down are a-okay :)

With summer right around the corner, I decided I wanted to try something different with my hair color. The past year I've been playing around a little more with my hair - cutting it into a long bob after almost 9 years of long hair. It grows really fast so if I mess it up a whole bunch, it's only temporary ;)

My ultimate goal is to go blonde (balayage) for the summer and if you are a subbie of mine, you know I took another big step towards this goal in my recent vlog. Really excited with how it's going with my colorist/hair stylist, Jennie Blowers!!

What I'm Wearing:


Striped Wrap Dress

Happy Tuesday y'all! Stripes, gray and blush..... another outfit with my favorite details! What can I say, at least I'm consistent, right?

Even though its warming up in the DFW area, I still break out my super long cardigan. The material is pretty light so it doesn't add any extra weight (i.e. doesn't make me overheated, which happens often).

This faux wrap dress from Chicwish is so feminine and ladylike. I ordered it in a medium and while it fit my waist well, the top felt a tiny bit big.... the problems of having a thicker waist (I'm working on it).

My purse is the old design of the Henri Bendel Uptown Satchel. I love it but understand why it was redesigned. Snapping the purse shut can be a little difficult since the little pin has to fit into the hole which I tend to miss a lot (that's what he said....). I still love it though and it's the perfect pop of color.

What I'm Wearing:


Lumberjack Chic

Hi y'all! I have a slight obsession with cold shoulder tops... actually, a major obsession. When I saw this plaid top, I immediately ordered it in my closest size. I ended up getting a medium but could have done with a small. The material is super light and soft. Although I sized up in the shirt, it still fits nicely and is a little more roomy which I always lean more toward (until I get control of my joey).

Another wishlist item I treated myself to was a pair of over the knee boots. As a petite lady, I have had the hardest time finding a pair of OTK boots with a nicely structured heel. The last pair I had were more of an almond shaped, extremely flat pair which was a nice compromise at the time. These Michael Kors OTK boots are almost perfect. I have to keep about a 1/2 inch unzipped otherwise it pinches my skin.... but it hits almost every other requirement.

What I'm Wearing: