Makeup For Work: Full Coverage Foundation

Funny story, if you watched my recent vlog, you know I had a nightmare of a morning last week. That same day, I was helping with a proposal for work and needed to include my headshot in my bio (first time I had to make a bio for work, which was kinda cool hehe). Needless to say, I was NOT headshot ready, hair was in a pony tail, no way to salvage it unless I wet & styled it (thanks humidity & power outage). Face was all sweaty from battling my garage door (who knew it was SO complicated to manually open an electronic garage door ughhh).

There was NO way I was going to take a picture to include in a work project with THAT mess.... so we used a photo from when I started at my firm. Braces and all :) But it looked professional....

Anyways, it feels very apropos to share my full coverage foundation routine and how I do the rest of my makeup for work. This is the makeup I'll be wearing when I do get my headshot done, just will try to not sweat in the garage for an hour beforehand :) The video is on my YouTube channel if you'd like to see how I apply it all!

What I'm Wearing:


Casual Friday: Blues & Nudes

Happy Friday y'all! Thank goodness for jeans on Friday. Thank goodness for it being FRIDAY!! I feel like I always say this but I feel like work has not slowed down. I'm hoping to catch a break and work some 40 hour weeks for a good amount of time.... that's not too much to ask is it? Life in public accounting......

Anywho, I love pairing skinny jeans with a structured blazer, I always feel so lady like :) Peplum is definitely my favorite silhouette. It helps to hide any extra love for those of us without washboard abs. Throw it all together with my favorite heel and I feel like a more elevated version of casual Friday.

What I'm Wearing: