Hi y'all and welcome to my blog! My name is Stephie. I'm a twenty-something year old accounting professional. I'm married to my best friend and we live in the great state of Texas with our fur baby, Juicy.

About Stephienese
Stephienese is my lifestyle blog where I share my interests in personal style, food, home decor and beauty and include pieces of my personal life and career. This is my creative outlet from my very analytical job. While creating my blog, I wanted to incorporate my name (formally Stephanie but my friends, i.e. you, can call me Stephie) and Asian heritage so I came up with Stephienese as in Stephanie's. Get it? I also have a YouTube channel that goes hand in hand with my blog and is my other creative outlet.

My blog is really my online journal. I created my blog and YouTube while I was in college as my hobby where I mainly focused on beauty and random things going on in my life. As I began working in the corporate field, my interests have shifted to incorporating my personal style and  lifestyle. I was inspired to delve more into personal style so I could set myself apart from the typical accountant persona.... although I wear gray, black and white a lot but I'd like to think in a chic way ;)

About Stephie
I'm Filipino (I know that's confusing with my blog name but just go with it hehe). I've lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area most of my life & am proud to be a Texan ;)

I started my career in the Big 4 and now work at a mid-tier accounting firm. I met my husband while in college and immediately fell head over heels. After 5 years of dating (living together, adopting a fur baby and buying a house), we got engaged! We got married on June 22 and I'm so lucky to share my life with my best friend.

I am a completely devoted fur parent. Juicy is much more than just a pet to us. She's an integral part of our family and life. Our life revolves around her (literally, she was diagnosed with diabetes in 2014 & gets insulin shots twice a day but is doing great despite it). Juicy is a pugweenie (pug dachshund mix). We adopted her from Operation Kindness, a local, no-kill animal shelter. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one! She has filled our lives with so much joy and happiness.

Some of my other interests include eating lots of yummy food, trying to cook yummy food, mixing yummy drinks at home, learning to use my DSLR other than in auto, decorating my home, yoga and spending time with my loved ones. I have a slight obsession with stripes, chevron, gray/white, black/white, blush, rose gold and anything sparkly.

Fair warning, I throw exclamation points, smiley faces, LOL, OMG and hahaha around like confetti.... you've been warned LOL

I hope you enjoy my content here and on my YouTube. Leave me a little note if you enjoy my posts and hope to be in touch with y'all for many years to come!

If you'd like to get in touch, please contact me via email: stephie@stephienese.com

For business inquiries, please email hello@stephienese.com


  1. Hey !
    I would love to know which camera do you use for the pictures in your blog ?

    1. 2014 and onwards I've been using my Canon Rebel T3i. This year I upgraded to a Canon EOS 70D and is what I used starting in March 2016 :)

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